A Window to Our World: Women of the Style Line

Here at The Style Line we try to provide a neutral ground

for some of the harder conversations to begin. Our stories are meant to show how these conversations can turn into action, and our interviewees (both men and women alike) prove that creative problem solving is alive and well. Though one issue, in particular, that is facing us all is gender inequality, and the resurgence around celebrating, and maybe more importantly, redefining feminism in many ways has started to bring us closer together more than ever before.

Our community of fiercely strong, diverse and innovative women are all living proof of the impact we’re seeing globally (no matter how slow the progress may be). Today we are celebrating the stories and style of women in our growing community who are championing change in their respective industries and communities all around the world. We are also commending the men we’ve featured here (and beyond) on their efforts to create inclusive, safe and creative spaces for all people to come together to bond over shared interests and values. We hope our stories inspire you our dear readers, along with our interviewees and our collaborators, to think about the opportunity we all hold to truly leave an imprint in the world just by doing what we love. This is our mission, and we are so fortunate to see it come to life in the stories we share every day.

So to all of the incredible and dynamic women we’ve featured, we thank you. Your stories give us hope and inspire us to keep these conversations going.

– Rachel Schwartzmann, Founder, and CEO of The Style Line

Wisdom We Love From Women In Our Community:

“There are bound to be women who come after you that share your same passion. And if it hadn’t been for you fighting for the work you love, they wouldn’t have been able to point to you and think to themselves, ‘if she can do it, I can too.'”

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“Show personal emotion, connect with your community, and stand for something. Meet people, create good relationships, listen to their questions, and vocalize what you stand for.”

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“Remember that you have a unique perspective that matters. Find out what you believe in, find your community and your tribe, find your purpose, and the causes that make you feel alive…”

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“A powerful voice means speaking honestly and speaking up even when it may be difficult. It doesn’t mean being the loudest in the room, though… Speak your truth, but I believe you’ve got to do it with integrity.”

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“At its root, travel is built on making connections – with others, their cultures, and their stories – and I think that it teaches you humility and gratitude.”

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the style line lisa says gah

“I get to make decisions that positively change women’s interaction with fashion. It’s stealth activism! We cater to a community that shares those values and wants to interact with fashion in a new integrated way.”

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“One of the reasons why AELLA started: pants are a symbol of mobility, specifically women’s. It allowed more movement, both literally and societally. At the core of AELLA’s ethos is the expression of empowerment.”

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“Fashion is a discipline that teaches creativity and to create something from nothing. There’s a lot fashion and its inherent creativity can teach to the world.”

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“Try and discern the difference between opportunity and distraction. Read for pleasure. Pay attention to how good food tastes every once in a while. Hold on.”

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