Meet stylist Erica Lavelanet and check out her Williamsburg haunts...

Williamsburg with Erica Lavelanet

On Wednesdays we wear pink… And publish stories about Williamsburg. Believe me when we say I wish the aforementioned statement was true every week. Sigh. I don’t know what it is, but somehow I just couldn’t not include this iconic Mean Girls reference. Call it my attempt at some early morning humor? Regardless, on this particular Wednesday we are very fortunate  to be sharing a story that features an amazing neighborhood and individual. Enter, Wardrobe Stylist Erica Lavelanet who is probably the furthest away from ever being considered a mean girl. In fact, the only thing mean about her, is her killer sense of personal style. “It’s not about the clothes. It’s about how the clothes make you feel!” She told us.

Speaking of things like feelings, nostalgia, style, exploration… A lot of these became recurrent in conversation during our sunny trek around the ever-evolving Billy’s burg. A New York native, Erica explained the conflicting values between the old Williamsburg and it’s fairly new inhabitants. But in a place like New York, change is vital to keeping the city and it’s resident’s on their toes. We were thrilled to discover Erica’s go-to spots celebrated a sense of the past and present, in their own unique way. “There’s something broken-in and familiar about the city.” She explained. “Once you’ve lived here long enough to make any memories, you just can’t ever really escape them. It’s magic!” It is magic, indeed – Read on and see it for yourself.

Please introduce yourself! Aside from being a stylist, who are you, what do you enjoy and what do you value in life?

Que tal?! I am Erica Lavelanet, Wardrobe Stylist and born ‘n’ raised New Yorker. Outside of blogging about and working in fashion, I’m a yoga enthusiast, lover of poetry, leather pants, and a good glass of vin rouge. I’m in love with New York City, even though I always try to run from it. And, I choose love. Not fear.

How long have you lived in Williamsburg and how would you describe the neighborhood?

I’ve lived in Williamsburg, for 5 whole entire years. My neighborhood is charming, with plenty of hidden gems still inside it. Everyday, I find something that beckons me to stay.

What and where do you plan to explore more of, whether in Williamsburg or beyond, this summer?

I am planning on an adventure West this Summer, and am plotting my version of a Euro-trip with my best gals for the Fall.

How do you plan to explore or experiment more with your personal style?

It’s not about the clothes. It’s about how the clothes make you feel! I try not to over think things too much when getting dressed, and think it’s best to let style evolve on it’s own, as it should, without any “trendable” interference.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

People in New York are pretty candid. I’ve been asked some extraordinary questions already.

Is there anything you want to share specifically with The Style Line community?

All I’ve learned in my few years, living as an adult in New York City, is that being yourself gets you everywhere. Style is subjective and taking chances is vital.

Would you agree Brooklyn’s changed a lot over the years? In general, there is a lot of change happening throughout the city- What are your thoughts on this? Why do you think nostalgia is such a core aspect of the city’s DNA? 

The unmistakable charm of New York City, is that everything and nothing changes at once. As much as my neighborhood has transformed, despite the fact that every Summer there’s a new bar, restaurant, hot spot, or overpriced condo that pops up, I can always come back to this city and feel as refreshed as ever. There’s something broken-in and familiar about the city. Once you’ve lived here long enough to make any memories, you just can’t ever really escape them. It’s magic!

Erica is  wearing: Missguided Dress, $44.98

Stella Dallas

Address: 281 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11211

Transportation: J/M/Z to Marcy Ave. G to Metropolitan Ave. L to Lorimer St.

“When in need of a little vintage fix, Stella Dallas, does just the trick. I’ve found everything from perfect denim cut-off’s to silk wrap dresses, unbelievably over-sized floppy hats, and of course my favorite, moto-leather jackets!”

 Erica is wearing: Urban Outfitters Top (Similar, $44) , TOPSHOP Skirt $96

Santos Anne

Address: 366 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Transportation: J/M to Hewes St. G to Metropolitan Ave. L to Lorimer St.

“My favorite local go-to for Sunday brunches and weekday happy hours. Amazing live music, delicious food, and even a little tarot card reading during the occasional Brunch happenstance. The atmosphere is so live!”

Erica is wearing: Missguided Dress $44.98, Aqua Hat, Steve Madden Heels, (Similar, $99.98) MANGO bag (Similar, $39.99)

Campbell Cheese & Grocery

Address: 502 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Transportation: J/M to Hewes St. G to Metropolitan Ave. L to Lorimer St.

“This is my corner grocery! Fresh organics and farm-to-table goodies, that are all perfect additions to any dinner party!”

Erica is wearing: EXPRESS Denim Top, Zara Boyfriend Jeans (Similar, $59.99) French Connection Heels (Similar, $135)