What It Means to Celebrate Personal Style

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Photo by Katie Jameson for The Style Line via our Home Visit with Farr Bryant

As we continue to explore the way personal style relates to

some of the world’s bigger conversations, it’s become increasingly important to us at The Style Line to provide more context as to why we’re posing specific questions.

For instance, “How do you celebrate personal style?” comes up in almost all of our stories and the responses vary based on age, industry, and circumstance. As a result, our interviewees continue to push the boundaries on what “personal style” means in both life and style. We actually explored this idea in this essay back in 2015, which now seems like a lifetime ago, especially given the current political and cultural climate.

So, why do we continue to ask this question and why is it still important?

At The Style Line, our working definition of “personal style” now extends far beyond the confines of our closets. We choose to believe that it holds so much weight in how we live our lives. From cooking to investment to activism, our interviewees demonstrate how their approach to personal style uniquely influences and makes positive changes sartorially, creatively, personally, and professionally. In turn, we’ve concluded that personal style provides a common ground for us to connect with our interviewees, as it’s something (in one form or another) that we can all relate to.

To bring things full circle, we’ve created a short list of a few observations that we’ve made over the past few years that further reinforce the important – and beautiful – role that personal style plays for those in our community.

And if that’s not enough to inspire you, we always look back to these wise words from our friend and interviewee Robin Reetz, “Finding your style feels like finding yourself – it’s liberating and gives you this moment of ‘oh, here I am.'”

We don’t know about you, but to us, that is something worth celebrating.

Why do we celebrate personal style?


Everyone has a style or way of doing something, whether it’s picking out an outfit or managing a portfolio. Take our story with Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest, who proves that harnessing your personal investment style can yield incredible results. Or, in a more creative sense, look at the ladies of Cook Space who believe that “culinary confidence” never goes out of style.


Taking the above ideas into consideration, finding and refining your personal style also takes a bit of discipline. Our story with ballet dancer Courtney Lavine is a prime example of this. Mastering technique is one thing, but it takes years of creative discovery to find your footing as an artist. She proves that once you’ve found what style works for you, the sky is the limit (no matter how long it takes to get there).


With a nod to today’s current political conversations, we’ve found that our mission has never been more relevant. From fashion to art to small business, the connection personal style has to the world’s bigger conversation is evidenced across many creative industries. Case in point, our many Studio Visits with emerging ethical fashion brands who blend design and activism to create culturally relevant (and true statement) pieces.


Finally, personal style reveals and inspires small truths about ourselves, our style, and what we want out of life. For most of our interviewees, personal style has created a space for self-discovery and has the power to positively affect all aspects of our lives; it’s just a matter of allowing ourselves the time and patience to find it.