Scosha Woolridge on Building a Travel-Inspired Jewelry Brand

scosha the style line brand assembly

Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly


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Jewelry designer and entrepreneur Scosha Woolridge has cultivated a staple brand for those in search of the perfect jewelry to spice up their style. Inspired by travel, self-expression, and creativity, the designer’s eponymous Williamsburg storefront is a culmination of her experiences and a tangible space to demonstrate her keen eye for design. We recently visited the awe-inducing shop (in partnership with Brand Assembly) to experience the world of SCOSHA firsthand with the inspiring woman at the helm of it all. So without giving too much away discover our afternoon with Scosha, and enjoy even more of the story on The Assemblist.


scosha the style line brand assembly

The SCOSHA brand is a true

representation of me, so how I present myself in my professional life is how I am in my private life. I love colors, different cultures, and textures and I always love to laugh. 

Outside of work I like to pour over vintage jewelry, artifacts, architecture and the design of chairs. I paint with my kids, kick a soccer ball, go to yoga, crack jokes that nobody gets, watch movies at 3AM (when everyone is asleep) and when I get a second to myself I get mad about mismatched socks all over the floor… ALL THE TIME (I am racking my brain to invent something robotic that keeps socks in pairs and off of the floor).

I value time. Like most women, I am juggling work and a young family and I feel like I am always running trying to get ahead. My favorite song at the moment is, “Run, run, run as fast as you can. You’ll never catch me, I’m the gingerbread man.” It’s my new favorite song and he is my inspiration, haha.

scosha the style line brand assembly

From SCOSHA’s initial inception, which you mentioned was inspired by your dynamic travels abroad to your now Brooklyn-based multi-category brand, what would you say ties your pieces together no matter where you are in the world?

Yes, my travels have assembled my brand and with respect to that, I feel my jewelry would fit in culturally in any part of the world you may find yourself. My jewelry identifies with all cultures, there’s a simplicity that is both a universal quality that also feels unique to many cultures.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

“Would you like some chocolate?”

How would you say the SCOSHA woman celebrates personal style?

By being comfortable and feeling good about herself by being herself

scosha the style line brand assembly

How would you advise the next generation of designers, entrepreneurs, and creatives to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love?

Of course, anything that is environmentally conscious is super important. Also, good morals and ethical practices always shine through in a brand or company, whatever it may be. Ultimately you also want longevity and you can have that by having good quality products and services and then if you can back that up with a foundation of your morals and your truths, you are on to a winner.

“My jewelry identifies with all cultures, there’s a simplicity that is both a universal quality that also feels unique to many cultures.”