The Style Line: 2017 Year in Review

It’s been an interesting time to explore our mission –

along with themes including personal style and creativity as they relate to the world’s bigger conversations – in this turbulent political climate.

While we’ve faced unprecedented challenges on a global scale, I personally wanted to preface this story by acknowledging that 2017 was not easy by means. And as we share highlights and milestones from the last 12 months, please know that here at The Style Line we’ve continued to take our mission to heart and contribute where we can and in a way that makes sense. I hope the below is a reflection of these efforts.

This is our year in review.

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The year kicked off on an empowering note with a special story around the Women’s March on Washington.

As a part of our (then) newly-launched story series, A Window To Our World, we invited four women in our community to capture unedited moments on film or “one” shot that mirrored our one major opportunity to make a difference. It was an exciting learning curve for us, as it provided an opportunity to further explore what we could do beyond this particular event.

This momentum continued thanks to our annual event with our friends at AELLA. As a follow-up to our Modern Women Meet event, we joined them once again at their Midtown pop-up to commemorate International Women’s Day with an intimate panel discussion featuring a few of our interviewees. The lineup included AELLA founder Eunice Cho, fitness influencer Nicole Loher, Through Our Lens co-founders Sophie Elgort and Carolyn Pride, and Matisse Bustos-Hawkes of WITNESS. All of these ladies are leading the charge in their respective industries and empowering women to work, dress, and live with intention. They each shared how they planned to continue to do so given the current climate.

As the year gave way to Spring, we continued to press on and were greeted with an amazing opportunity from Away.

We featured the brand’s co-founders prior to the launch of their first product in 2015 and continued to stay in touch regarding all of their exciting initiatives. One of which being their first press and influencer trip abroad. So, on behalf of The Style Line, I joined the team and a few other women in the industry on a phenomenal trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

This trip was life-changing for a number of reasons. Personally, it gave me a chance to explore a city I had been dying to visit, as well as reconnect with my heritage. Professionally (and after meeting new people from all corners of the world) the trip reinforced the kind of company I want to continue building – along with the types of individuals, businesses, and change-makers that I want to champion.

This experience set the tone for the rest of the year.

Summer rolled around, and while typically people deem this season as a slower point in the year, that certainly wasn’t the case for us.

And speaking more to the above themes, we had another opportunity to surround ourselves with a truly inspirational team. In July, we reconnected with our dear friends at Create & Cultivate who graciously invited us to participate in their “Live Your Adventure” panel series with Eddie Bauer. On a breezy, summer night we joined them at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge for an engaging evening of discussion and drinks with women from all walks of life.

This event was the perfect segway into planning our fourth birthday party – a tradition that has become one of my favorite events of the year. For those of you who are newer to The Style Line, each year we’ve made it our mission to celebrate our birthday in a different city that we are active in. Our second anniversary was spent here at home in New York at The Elk, our third in Portland at Johan, and most recently our fourth birthday at Byron & Blue in Austin, Texas.

We arrived the day before our actual anniversary to prepare.

Attendees enjoyed drinks from Brew & Brew (a bar and venue adjoined to Byron & Blue) and music from the up-and-coming indie band The Wild Now. With each passing year, it’s amazing to see the turnout from each of our respective communities and witness how the events themselves evolve. This was a particularly special event as our lead (Brooklyn-based) photographer Bridget Badore joined us down south and it was our first time meeting our Austin photographer Katie Jameson beyond a screen.

The event also allowed us to further connect with our client and collaborator, PLANOLY (we later met again at their gorgeous new HQ) and connect with our interviewees like Ava Darnell of Slumlove, the esby team, and style mavens including Farr Bryant and Avery Cox  – both of whom we just featured.

This trip alone was a highlight as we also managed to visit every nearly small business we’ve featured over the last couple of years. To me, there’s nothing better.

In the midst of all the activity, as Fall arrived things also kicked into high gear for our agency.

As a refresher, we launched our subsidiary agency CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL as a way to offer our expertise in storytelling and big-picture thinking to like-minded brands. The business recently celebrated its second birthday, and since its inception, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the chance to work with innovative brands in fashion, tech, lifestyle, and more. Did we mention that almost all of our clients were featured here on the site at one point or another?

In that same vein, we also formed more alliances here on The Style Line – perhaps one of the most exciting examples being our opportunity to partner with Squarespace on an ongoing interview series entitled Made in Style. All of these projects also ignited a sense of creative exploration and enabled us to try new ways of storytelling through video, podcasting, and more. And later in the season, the tables turned, and we found ourselves featured on amazing platforms including Ellevest, She’s Mercedes, and Forbes.

And now, another year has come and gone and I’m personally already looking ahead.

At the end of the day, we are a small business, and while that presents its own set of unique challenges, I’ve come to appreciate the specific spirit, grit, and tenacity that comes with building a business like The Style Line – especially over the last year. Yet at the same time, acknowledging the immense strides we’ve made – while knowing what we’re up against – continues to fuel the fire and see The Style Line through to its full potential as a leading multi-brand media and marketing company.

On that note, with plans to redesign the site and introduce more storytelling mediums, I’m energized by what is ahead and the immense opportunities to continue building upon our mission in new and exciting ways. It’s a wild time to be building a business, but it’s never been a more important time to foster community and make connections with those from all walks of life. That’s the heart of what we’re doing here at The Style Line, and I’m proud and honored to be doing this alongside a tiny but mighty team, and of course alongside you, dear reader. I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us all.

All Aboard and best wishes for a positive 2018,