The Senses: Beau Rhee on the Power of Scent and Sustainability

Style awakens the senses – and in the same vein as our

ethos – we’re excited to explore the important role creativity and style play in our lives through a different lens. Welcome to The Senses, a new interview series here on The Style Line which gives a platform for our interviewees to share ideas, products, and routines that empower them to not only dress well but live even better. If we’ve learned anything from our vibrant community, it’s that it is just as important to celebrate what we put into ourselves and our lives, as it is to focus on what we put on.

With that said, we caught up with the multi talented Beau Rhee of Atelier de Geste, a true advocate for embracing one’s senses – which is something she has been able to do both personally and professionally. In our latest chapter of this series, Beau kindly brought us up to speed how Atelier de Geste has evolved, the power of scent, and how sustainability plays a role in a life well-lived. Discover what’s currently inspiring Beau’s creative senses in our condensed conversation below and catch up on our 2016 Studio Visit with Beau here.


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Hi! So much has changed

(since we first met), actually!  I am still working as an artist/designer with the studio name Atelier de Geste. This last year has really been about focusing time on that which is the most essential and impactful. Maybe it’s in the air?

Exhibitions and performances have taken the front seat, which allows for artistic expression, creative collaborative process, space for dialogue, and togetherness. This spring/summer, we had a performance in Brussels, a group exhibition in Philadelphia, and a solo exhibition/performance in New York. So it has been incredibly busy! I am also focusing more on education and environmental activism. I am a part-time lecturer at Parsons now, which is an amazing platform and privilege to be able to give knowledge and inspiration the next generation of creatives. I did a fundraiser/1 mile open water swim in Montauk this summer to raise money for environmental law NFP like Earth Justice & National Resources Defence Council.

I am focusing less on following the rhythms of commercial design. We are still creating editions of scents and other design, as our clients really love these items and it’s an important part of our business, and it’s a way to make the studio vision accessible to a greater audience. It’s like the “museum store” concept! The exhibitions are the priority, but it’s also wonderful to have items that people can take home. In the spring, our scent Stones was nominated for the Art & Olfaction Award! That was an honor. I am working with a new lovely studio associate, Emily Shanny, who is a wonderful musician as well as a yogi and educator. It’s been wonderful to have a new person on board and her energy is inspiring.

Having such a busy schedule in NYC definitely makes me prioritize: cleanliness in my studio/home, beauty products that are low-maintenance but high quality and high performing, and style that is unfussy but glamorous (le Smoking jacket, easy silk dresses, mannish shirts and jeans with flats, changed up with evening shoes for date night). The French girl in me also likes having only like 5 makeup items that are super good quality and multitask (YSL rouge pur couture!). I also swim a lot and take dance classes, and these physical routines keep me grounded and centered. Beauty comes from within, non?

I just read this article in the Smithsonian about how scientists have discovered seabirds find their way geographically through smell. I think being tapped into my sense of smell has opened up a new sensorial universe for me. It’s just a part of my daily life. I love smelling different plants, I pick up fruit at the grocery store to smell them, I smell seashells and driftwood. Nature! Sea smells. Lemon juice in my hair on the beach. Salty, beachy skin. Simple, elemental things awaken my senses.

The Senses:


My favorite Korean beauty brand. Perfect in every way: texture, smell, amazing moisturizing qualities. Really good quality for the price. 


This work of art by Georgia O’Keefe. I relate to how she is bringing together movement, music into color and visuals. This has been my “soundtrack” for my summer. 


My go-to daily SPF this summer. Amazing value! 


Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste and Sugar Vendil. The work of my two latest collaborators (they composed music for my last two performances).


Watermelon salad with a hint of mint and blueberries! End of summer hurrah…

“The private is political. I truly believe this. I source sustainably for ADG and believe in supporting sustainable labor practices. So, for my personal beauty items and fashion purchases, I always try to put my dollar towards great companies who support these missions. Social impact and style are not mutually exclusive.”