The Senses: Robin Reetz on Real Beauty and Empowering Women Through Wellness

Style awakens the senses – and in the same vein as our

ethos – we’re excited to explore the important role creativity and style play in our lives through a different lens. Welcome to The Senses, a new interview series here on The Style Line which gives a platform for our interviewees to share ideas, products, and routines that empower them to not only dress well but live even better. If we’ve learned anything from our vibrant community, it’s that it is just as important to celebrate what we put into ourselves and our lives, as it is to focus on what we put on. Kicking things off, we spoke with Robin Reetz, whose consistent (and incredibly thoughtful) approach to both life and style made for an interesting look into what’s keeping this style maven creatively awake and inspired. Enjoy this condensed interview and shop Robin’s current essentials below.

Catch up on our initial visit with Robin at her Brooklyn home here

the style line robin reetz barney's new york second floor flat

Not much has changed

since we spoke last year and I’m so happy about that. I’m still an E-Commerce Editor at Barneys, still in Brooklyn, still spending the majority of my team with my husband and our dog at Fort Greene Park. Before 2016, my husband and I went through a few years with a lot of change and uncertainty – we got married, were living in London, and dealing with the stress of visas and an international move – so it’s nice for everyday life to feel grounded and routine.  

I’ve gotten really into skincare over the last few years – I’m now in my early 30s so it’s about damn time. Like so many of us, I’m really into self-care and wellness. I have a crazy smoothie concoction I make every morning which is really a modern-day Brooklyn lady’s version of a Strega Nona pot with, like, 11 or 12 ingredients. I make that every morning and try to do a little bit of yoga about 4 times a week, even if it’s just at home following an app or throwing on some music and doing 15 minutes of whatever comes to me. I feel so much better in my body when I take care of it and I’ve found that.

the style line robin reetz barney's new york second floor flat

My beauty routine is something I feel super inspired and empowered by. I’ve simplified my routine a good deal over the last year and that’s something I also feel empowered by – choosing to NOT buy things, to NOT purchase products I don’t need is incredible. My morning beauty routine consists of a swipe of Heritage Store’s Rosewater all over my face. I love this stuff – it’s natural, affordable, lasts a while, smells amazing, and has improved my complexion. I’ve tried more expensive rosewater tonics and sprays but this one is my favorite by far. In the warmer months, that’s it. I used to wash my face and moisturize every morning without a thought but reading Adina Grigore’s Skin Cleanse changed that. I use fewer products than I used to and have definitely seen an improvement in my skin – and, of course, my finances.

For makeup, I use rms’s Living Luminizer, Stowaway’s Effortless Eyeliner and Cheek & Lip Rouge for blush, Boy Brow (duh) with a little bit more help from a Kevyn Aucoin pencil. Then, Burt’s Bees on the lips with a little bit of Lipstick Queen’s Hello SailorAt night, I have a pretty strict routine – certain days for certain products. I love Peet Rivko’s Gentle Cleanser, REN’s Beauty Shot Eye Lift, and Embroylisse Concentrated Lait Cream.

I do a clay or Greek yogurt mask once a week, use my Clarisonic once a week (my Clarisonic I bought a few years ago with airline points – no shame), and ExfoliKate once a week. It’s expensive but works so, so well – I’m always weird and try to get people to touch my face after I use it.

As far as “real” beauty goes, I’m in this weird place right now where I feel more inspired and empowered by women, my body, and authentic beauty than I ever have before, while still holding on to some lingering insecurities from my teens and twenties. Particularly in the last year, I’ve been so inspired by women who are strong, actionable, and not afraid what to fight for what they believe in so I’m working to think of those women and what I see that’s beautiful about them and banish my insecurities once and for all. To me, real beauty means strength, action, kindness, and honesty. It’s empowering and important to put yourself first and value your well-being. That can tie together with style. I posted a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago about this Botanica Worksop shirt I love – there’s nothing scandalous about it but it’s a little more form fitting than what I usually wear. The day I posted that photo, I’d been wearing it all day and feeling so confident and comfortable, so I posted about learning to value my body rather than feeling self-conscious of it. 

The Senses:


I Love Dick – I recently watched Jill Soloway’s newest series on Amazon and couldn’t get enough of it. The characters, storytelling, writing, the whole vibe of the show was perfect. I’m about to start watching it for the second time and am currently reading the book so needless to say, I’m obsessed.


Waves and the hum of the beach. I’ve only been once this summer but plan on making several more trips during the season. My husband and I have also gotten into a habit with my family of going to the beach in the off-season, fall or spring, and I love it. It’s so incredibly peaceful and beautiful.


Land of Women’s Absolute Rose Balm – A perfect moisturizer. It smells incredible, has a smooth application, and feels so luxurious on.


Too boring to say summer fruit? There’s nothing more refreshing and naturally good than a good mango, peach, or piece of melon in the summer. I’m getting my fill while it’s still hot.


I unfortunately only discovered William Onyeabor through my husband a few years ago but we’ve been listening to him regularly since. His music is perfect for all occasion but feels especially fitting in the warmer months.

“Between my friends and the people I work with, I’m lucky to be in a place where I feel constantly inspired. Seeing so many other women who value themselves and their well-being keeps me pushing myself to do and be better while staying kind and true to myself.”