The Senses: Johanna Peet on Listening to Your Body and Defining Wellness

Style awakens the senses – and in the same vein as our

ethos – we’re excited to explore the important role creativity and style play in our lives through a different lens. Welcome to The Senses, a new interview series here on The Style Line which gives a platform for our interviewees to share ideas, products, and routines that empower them to not only dress well but live even better. If we’ve learned anything from our vibrant community, it’s that it is just as important to celebrate what we put into ourselves and our lives, as it is to focus on what we put on.

Speaking more to that idea, our next interview in this series features insights from our personal wellness inspiration, Johanna Peet. As the founder of Peet Rivko, we learned so much in our initial interview with the budding beauty and skin-care maven, who shared her thoughts on sustainability’s relationship to wellness and the positive power that comes when simplifying beauty. Today, we’re sharing our condensed interview with Johanna who kindly followed up on these themes along with her thoughts on sensory living and the importance of making wellness work for you. Discover what’s inspiring Johanna’s creative senses below and catch up on our Studio Visit with her here.


Hi! I’m Johanna, the founder

of Peet Rivko – a unisex, natural skincare line based here in New York. Well, I’m still from Delaware and still loving clean, natural beauty since our last story. As a new brand, we’ve been busy with events, pop-ups and partnerships. We also added our first new product, a Body Oil, which is exciting and even won our first beauty award for it. I think my skincare style is all about low maintenance.

Since starting Peet Rivko, I try to use exclusively clean, natural products but I still want a streamlined routine that’s easy, effective and with few steps as possible. I cleanse at night using our Gentle Cleanser and I use our Balancing Face Oil in the morning and night along with an SPF during the day. I barely wear makeup these days, but when I do, I love RMS concealer and Luminizer, and ILIA and Kosas lip products. I also like Kjar Weis eyeshadow. I also love Tenoverten nail polish and J.Hannah polish in Ghost Ranch.

When it comes to wellness, I think balance and self-compassion are most important to me. Having a startup can be a constant hustle, and I know I need to carve out time to exercise, meditate, or even just sit on the couch and do nothing. Staring at the wall vs. your phone is practicing wellness for me! I also think it’s about eating healthy foods that give you energy and honor your body – while not beating yourself for a night of pizza, ice cream or wine. I had an eating disorder in high school and college and it’s definitely shaped my approach to wellness. I have learned that it’s so important to listen to your body – your body will tell you what it wants and needs, whether it’s yoga, a walk outside or a salad or something warm and comforting.
Most clean or natural brands out there tend to prioritize sustainability, so just by using a natural beauty line I’m more likely to be purchasing a product from a line that uses recyclable materials or cares about minimizing environmental waste in production. I also try to be mindful about consumption more generally. I have become much more conscious about only buying products I really love and can’t live without and use on a daily basis.
Making the switch from working in government to the beauty industry, I’m much more immersed in all things sensory. On any given day, I’m working on visual design or experimenting with new ingredients and raw materials and caring deeply about texture, touch, and smell. I’m very sensitive to fragrance in skincare products and primarily use unscented products. At the same time, as a small business owner, I’m constantly on my computer or my phone and feel the strain of too much screen time. Before starting Peet Rivko, I was barely on social media and to be honest I loved that. Now, it’s the opposite and while it can be fun and an amazing way to build community, there’s obviously a dark side to it all too. I find it’s really hard but important to unplug and make small changes like not bringing the phone into my bedroom or using it as my alarm clock.

The Senses 


I’m obsessed with the palo santo resins from Incausa – a very cool social enterprise based in Brooklyn.


I just moved to Bed-Stuy and had breakfast last week with a friend at Golda and can’t wait to go back – everything we had was delicious. I’m also a big tea drinker and love the Tres blend from Leaves and Flowers.


Anywhere upstate. I especially love the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. It’s stunning, especially summer and fall.


I just got back from LA where I went to The Now for the first time after seeing it all over Instagram. It fulfilled all the LA cliches I love and was honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten and now I’m determined to have them open here in NYC – either that or I’ll have to move to LA. TBD.


Valerie June. I was late to discovering her but so happy I did.
I think it’s important to discuss what wellness looks like when you don’t have endless disposable income or you’re living in a city like NYC that can be really expensive. Wellness has become very popular in recent years, which is wonderful but it’s also important to me to put forward a notion of wellness that’s inclusive and accessible.
Fancy exercise classes and supplements can be great but it’s also important to remind ourselves that we can “be well” without spending money or buying more things. Reading a great book, going for a walk, calling a friend, lighting a candle, journaling, yoga in your bedroom – these tools are all just as powerful and don’t have to cost a lot of money.
I love fall in NYC and think it’s a meaningful time of transition and reflection. I’m hoping to spend more time outside and upstate and continue to prioritize self-care and slowing down.