Nicole Williams of Made Real Vodka on Creativity and Social Media

Nicole Williams Made Real Vodka the style line planoly

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There’s no questioning the importance of social media and storytelling in today’s modern age – in fact, it’s a huge theme we’ve explored in our features over the past few years. In this regard, our interviewee and dear friend Brandy Pham of PLANOLY is leading the charge in helping small business owners, designers, makers and creators of all kinds hone in on the power that can come with effective planning. Enter today’s exclusive feature from PLANOLY’s interview series PLANOLEADERS which highlights prominent marketers, content creators and influencers from a myriad of creative industries that are changing the way we interact with brands and tell our stories. In this snippet we’re sharing a fun rapid fire interview with the inspiring Nicole Williams of Made Real (a vodka brand that champions the entrepreneurial spirit of women worldwide). Discover more below and visit PLANOLY for the full feature and more of Nicole’s insight.

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  • Nicole Williams Made Real Vodka the style line planoly
  • Nicole Williams Made Real Vodka the style line planoly

My name is Nicole Williams

and I am the founder of a creative brand marketing consultancy called Breakfast with Alice. Beyond that, I’m a New Yorker, a globetrotter, a foodie, fashion addict, and lover of culture. Always looking for the next adventure!

What is one question you wish people asked you more often your work with Made Real?

To make them a cocktail! No, really I wish more people asked about the process of creating a spirit and getting it out to market – because our small (but mighty!) team personally distilled, bottled, labeled and delivered each and every case out there. It’s such an incredible process and I wish more people knew about how much love went into getting the product to them. I also wish there were more opportunities to talk about the many amazing and talented women that we’ve connected with as a brand because that has been one of the most inspiring and rewarding parts of building Made Real.

Why do you think it’s important for emerging brands (in any industry) to have a strong social media presence and how does it contribute to their story?

Unlike so many of the other communications channels that brands can leverage, social media presents an amazing opportunity to really bring consumers into the more human side of your brand. It’s a chance to have a personal relationship with your audience. For new-to-market and emerging brands, budgets are often small and limit the ability to put huge dollars towards epic ad campaigns; which makes social media all the more relevant as it has a low barrier of entry cost-wise but has the potential to not only grow your business but also foster a community about your brand.

How do you think creativity plays a role in some of the world’s bigger conversations and how do you hope Made Real is playing a role in this shift in thinking?

I’m probably biased but I think creativity is everything! It’s what sets individuals, brands, and societies apart. Creativity is what drives thinking outside the box, innovation, and challenging the established. When it comes to Made Real, I think the hope has been to not go down the typical path of building a spirits brands but to constantly try to find ways of doing things differently at every turn. And the hope… well, the hope is not only to create a new business but to also inspire others to go out and do it too.

How would you characterize Made Real’s relationship to tech/digital and do you think it would be the same without the tools that social media/content provides?

Nicole Williams Made Real Vodka the style line planoly
Tech/digital is so important to Made Real – whether that’s the community we foster on social media or leveraging e-commerce to drive sales and eliminate the need to shop in stores. As a new business we are still growing our distribution and consumer base and tech/digital has enabled us to reach a wider base of consumers and homes much, much faster.

Can you offer any advice or anecdotes for those who may be looking to effectively tell their brand’s story on Instagram?

Sure! Before you do anything, take a moment to think about your brand as a person… what would he/she do for fun? Eat? Drink? Hangout? Shop? Hobbies? Then treat your social as a space for not just selling your product but for curation and storytelling about the lifestyle of your brand.