The Style Line x Brand Assembly: VINCETTA On Designing With Purpose

Deanna Ansara, designer at VINCETTA, photographed by Bridget Badore for The Assemblist x The Style Line

Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly


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Deanna Ansara of Vincetta is part of an emerging class of designers who are building brands with longevity. Her premiere contemporary brand Vincetta (whose name appropriately translates to “prevailing to conquer, to win”) is a prime example of the thoughtful design and innovation happening within the contemporary fashion space. Deanna’s story truly embodies the brand’s ethos, as she herself has had to overcome professional setbacks while on her journey as a fashion designer. Today we’re proud to share that this budding talent is on her way to becoming a leader in democratizing fashion for all – while having a whole lot of fun in the process! In our latest studio visit with BRAND ASSEMBLY we visited Deanna at her new studio space at the  Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelator where Vincetta is currently taking part in the community’s coveted incubator program. While there, we chatted with Deanna about her goals for Vincetta, who her customer is and what role the brand is playing when it comes to the world’s bigger conversations. Discover the interview below and and pop over to THE ASSEMBLIST for the full feature and for a closer look into the latest Vincetta’s collection.


I am creative, caring,

maternal, loving and I want make positive contributions to the world in any way I can. I’ve experienced many struggles in life, but still try to find beauty in everything. These experiences have made me a stronger and better person. I try my best to treat others with respect, surround myself with likeminded people – always finding a way to help out and give back. I enjoy and value being able to love what I do every single day. I also value dear friends, family, animals, nature. Getting lost in conversation, traveling, music, art, culture and learning something new every single day. Most importantly… slowly, but surely… I find little ways to value myself. Once I can find that balance of happiness and peace within myself, I can then be more thoughtful towards others and go about life in a most positive way. I believe in a world where we unite, stay strong together and support one another to create a better future for ourselves and our surroundings.

As a designer, do you ever feel conflicted about your relationship to wearing clothing vs. designing pieces for someone else?

Feeling conflicted is a thing of the past. Now I am one with Vincetta. I’ve become aware that my woman understands and trusts me to create pieces that they will love and live in (just as much as I do). The realization that I am bringing a unique, relevant, and relatable perspective gave me the freedom and mindset to take control of my brand. I fit every garment on myself – taking full responsibility on how Vincetta clothing fits – how it feels on the body. Is there enough room in the hip, do the shoulders feel right, are the seam placements and details flattering, is it comfortable, do I want to live in this piece?  It has been a long process to perfect the fit. It is a commitment – time wise and financially. I am continuously finding ways to improve.

I pride myself on creating thoughtful silhouettes and a fit made for a variety of shapes and sizes. Fit and design is something that can always be improved on and I am constantly taking in feedback from the Vincetta women in order to better accommodate her and make HER feel comfortable in the clothing. My shift away from seasons is allowing me to put more love and time into each silhouette that I’ve created for Vincetta and expand on it. Fit, quality, and sustainability is a major mission for the brand to offer incredible fit for a range of body types (particularly curvier figures) is something the market does not currently offer.

We love Vincetta’s purpose driven mission.  With this in mind, how do you think this approach is sustainable (socially and environmentally) What role does sustainability play in your design process and how do you hope it becomes more integral element of the brand

Thank you so much! My life experiences and mother are what drives my brand’s philosophy. Having a difficult childhood and losing my mother at a young age, missing out on having that connection, feeling out of place, constantly trying to find myself and where I belonged. All of this is the bone structure for why I am doing what I am doing with Vincetta. Vincetta is a movement; a community of expressive and self-assured women with a like-minded philosophy to support, create, and collaborate. People should never be made to feel alone or left out. Let’s stop categorizing because no matter what size, age, background. We are all beautiful and we are all here to support one another. I invite anyone who is interested to become part of the Vincetta family and community. I will always listen, find ways to be better, and improve my brand for the Vincetta woman.

I am in the middle of releasing a campaign focusing on the diversity of the Vincetta woman. The Vincetta woman is a contrast of so many incredible things. Throughout  this campaign, the  complex  layers behind each woman and design will be revealed — giving life to the Vincetta philosophy.

To spend time building solid relationships is EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything. This creates a sense of trust and loyalty between the brand, the woman, and our wonderful retail partners. I believe in quality over quantity. I am taking the time to build solid foundations and am ok with a slow and steady growth. Taking control of my brand, how I portray Vincetta, how I get the designs to the Vincetta woman has been a major turning point for me and my brand. Earlier this year, I had several realizations. I needed to slow down, move away from any negativity and bring my focus back to why I originally founded Vincetta. The Vincetta woman continues to come back for more because of the way the clothing makes her feel and how she can relate to the brand.

Educating about Vincetta is so important, but once you put a piece of Vincetta clothing on you know why it is special. It feels like it’s been made specifically for you. Environmentally speaking, going season-less and not following the typical fashion calendar has been everything for me. Once again, it goes back to that idea of quality over quantity. By not following seasons (which by the way, none of my customers care about), this allows us to sell our core bodies year around.

I create quality, timeless pieces that will continue to be relevant for years upon years. They will not end up in a landfill because literally you will always want to live in this clothing now and 10 years from now – with Made in New York quality that will last.  I will begin coming out with capsule collections and individual pieces throughout the year using fabric that I have readily accessible, I produce locally, I am mindful in the fabrics I select by using primarily natural fibers, and very important – I am trying my best to eliminate any waste.

There are many ways in which Vincetta is mindful of the environment. It is not just one or two things; it is a lifestyle. We reuse any and all paper in our printer. We obviously recycle. We have very low fabric waste (working towards zero waste, but this has been a process). I’m constantly finding ways to re-purpose materials and objects. It is always a work in progress and being now a Venture Fellow at the BF+DA is going to help Vincetta enormously. I will have resources and become educated on subjects I would not have had access to before.

How do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s bigger conversations and what role is Vincetta playing in this shift of thinking?

We as creatives need to think outside of the box. How to present and promote our brands, how we get the product to our customer. There is not just one way to do something.  It’s ok to listen to your intuition. Something that feels right for you and your brand may not be right for another brand. Not everyone has to agree, but if you see results and it speaks well to your customer… then just stick with what works, not what seems to be industry standard. Vincetta is playing in this shift of thinking by not following the typical calendar, releasing see now, buy now collections, controlling what ends up in production as to not waste resources and creativity.

I work with influencers that believe in the brand, building long term collaborative relationships. I am creating my own momentum, not relying on others to do this for me. That was a major turning point for me. Vincetta is speaking to the modern day woman. A self-assured, creative, diverse woman who does not have a need to follow trends, has a strong sense of who she is, and appreciates Vincetta’s authenticity. Woman are strong, intellectual, sensual, beautiful, and capable of doing absolutely anything. It’s time we show more diversity in age, size, ethnicity in our campaigns and to stop categorizing.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

I’ve said this before, but I wish people would ask how I am doing, and genuinely want to know. I wish people would take the time out of their day to slow down and take the time to level with one another. Be more understanding, empathetic, and genuine. We are all very busy, and I am guilty of this as well. But now is the time to really be there for one another.

How do you celebrate personal style?

I have celebrated personal style by experimenting with just about everything.  I don’t follow what is trendy or what others are doing. I use influencers as inspiration, but do not replicate. With age, I have refined and found what I feel confident and comfortable in. I will not put anything on my body that does not make me feel good, no matter how on trend. Once you have found yourself and a style that suits you, it’s an empowering and wonderful feeling.

“Vincetta is a movement; a community of expressive and self-assured women with a like-minded philosophy to support, create, and collaborate.”