The Style Line x Brand Assembly: Lyndsey Butler of VEDA

VEDA Founder Lyndsey Butler photographed by Bridget Badore for The Assemblist x The Style Line

Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly


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Fashion designer Lyndsey Butler contends that the leather jacket is the epitome of strength; so it should come as no surprise that these values, coupled with Lyndsey’s thoughtful approach to design have shaped the success of her (now cult-favorite) brand, VEDA. A personal favorite of ours, the eight year old brand’s eclectic mix of staple leather jackets and a dynamic apparel collection (which features some of the best knits we’ve laid eyes on) have made her a stand-out designer in not only her category, but the contemporary market in its entirety. So in our latest collaborative visit with BRAND ASSEMBLY we visited the VEDA HQ in the heart of Soho, New York to see how it all comes to life firsthand. During our visit, Lyndsey kindly gave us a few minutes of her time to take us through the design studio and shared her thoughts on the brand’s continued success, sustainable fashion and the role travel has played in VEDA’s story thus far. DISCOVER OUR INTERVIEW BELOW AND HEAD OVER TO THE ASSEMBLIST FOR A MORE IN-DEPTH LOOK into our conversation with Lyndsey and to see more of the VEDA studio.


  • VEDA Founder Lyndsey Butler photographed by Bridget Badore for The Assemblist x The Style Line

I’m Lyndsey Butler,

CEO and Creative Director of VEDA. Outside of work I spend a lot of time by myself – recharging and being inspired. I see a lot of movies, I read and look at art.

From Texas to New York what role has travel played in your design process and based on what you know now, why do you think New York is the best place for a brand like Veda to thrive? Can you see the company in any other major cities throughout the U.S.?

Travel is a major source of inspiration but also my two homes are always present in every collection – Texas and NYC. I think with technology it makes it easier to imagine having our HQ somewhere else like Austin or Los Angeles, but realistically I don’t see us leaving NYC.

We love Veda’s commitment to designing pieces for modern life and style – with this in mind (and in your opinion) why is the leather jacket such a staple for modern women?

I love what the leather jacket symbolizes, and I think that translates to how it makes you feel. When you are wearing a leather jacket you feel powerful, confident and ready to take on the world. I love that we make something that makes women feel strong.

With the idea of modernity in mind, what role does sustainability play in your design process and how do you hope it becomes a more integral element of the brand? 

We are very conscious about our impact on the environment and work to offset that when possible. I hope as we grow we will be able to do more. Currently we produce about 20% of our goods in our downtown NYC studio, this allows us to have a lot more oversight and control over the process.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often? 

Good question… maybe something about the challenges of running a business and also being creative, or about being a female owned and operated company and how that is unique even in the (female) fashion industry.

How would you advise the next generation of makers, designers and creative thinkers to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love?

It is important to continue to look forward and think outside of the box, it doesn’t have to be a giant leap but just always attempting to better your processes, your product.