The Style Line: 2016 Year in Review

I think we can all agree that this year was one for

the books. Collectively there was certainly no shortage of chaos, beauty, growth, and loss in 2016 around the world. If you’ve been following The Style Line since the beginning you’re well aware of our commitment to community and championing stories of how elements in our lives, like style and creativity, contribute to some of the world’s conversations. As an emergent media company and with the current climate in mind, I personally want to preface this year in review by acknowledging that in reflecting on the stories we’ve shared and the relationships we’ve cultivated this year, we understand our immense responsibility in seeing our mission through now more than ever before. Looking back on what we’ve done so far I think we’re on the right track.

This is our year in review.


(We also shared their inspiring team story which I recommend revisiting here). Held in Dallas, Texas I flew down to The Lone Star state on behalf of The Style Line to join a panel of incredible entrepreneurs who have built their respective businesses upon the pillars of originality, fresh perspective, and creativity. It was the perfect way to set the tone for the new year and the people we wanted to surround ourselves and collaborate with for the months to come.

With collaboration in mind, we joined forces with our friends at Conscious Magazine once again on producing a small section of their fourth print issue “Powerful Voices” which featured quotes from dynamic women in our community who shared insight on the impact of creative conversation. You can even check out an exclusive excerpt from the partnership here. We also formally launched our first subsidiary brand CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL where we’ve had the immense honor of lending our expertise and love of storytelling to our clients (most of whom we’ve initially connected with and featured here on The Style Line). It’s been an exciting opportunity to use and offer our passions and skill-sets in a new and communal way – we can’t wait to see what year two has in store!


As the year pressed on we focused our efforts on laying down roots abroad and truly pushing to foster our growing global community.

From Berlin to Barcelona we introduced new stories (and partnered with new contributors) to share unique insight from makers of all kinds – this, of course, extends to our growing roster of A Girl Abroad contributors whose stories we can’t get enough of! Closer to home we introduced a new NYFW series “Fashion Week Through Her Lens” which gave our incredible contributing photographers the opportunity to capture the real essence of the shows and conversation around this evolving event.

When springtime rolled around we were excited to bring our community together in a tangible way via two unique events in April. The first being our Earth Day Breakfast in partnership with our good friends at The Sill where we gathered an intimate group of our favorite editors, writers and style mavens to celebrate mother nature and learn to care for plants in a fun and accessible way. Later in the month, we partnered on an inspiring discussion with our interviewees AELLA to host a Modern Women Meet-Up at Bloomingdales. We curated a panel of our interviewees to chat about modern life, entrepreneurship, and style and enjoy some truly delicious cocktails from our friends at Made Real.

With what seemed like a blink of the eye, summer was here; and it brought the heat as the season was filled with growth, new relationships and amazing opportunities – one of which being a feature in MyDomaine.

During this fun time, we were joined by our incredible summer intern Merritt Reed (who shared an inspiring personal piece featuring the story of the shoes that literally brought her around the world – revisit it here). But perhaps the most notable event of the season was our trip to Portland, Oregon where celebrated our third birthday at Johan with our Portland interviewees and phenomenal contributor Nicholas Peter Wilson. The trip left us asking the question,”Where to next…?”

Though when it came to allotting face time with our interviewees, clients, and collaborators late summer into early fall was perhaps our busiest as it was a time to connect (and re-connect) with those in our community who we hadn’t talked to beyond the screen. A few fun surprises also presented themselves, including a beautiful mention in Darling Magazine.

Heading into the last couple of months of 2016 served as one of the most eye-opening periods of the year for us here at The Style Line.

In the recent weeks, we’ve aligned our stories/goals with what’s happening in the world to further re-enforce our mission. For starters, shortly after the election here in the United States we launched our newest story series A Window To Our World in an effort to provide a forum for our growing global community to share their commentary in an inclusive and open way around the tumultuous political climate. These stories have featured insight from our contributors, interviewees, and readers. Most recently we published an exclusive interview with the artist behind the phenom Subway Therapy.

We also took a step back to think about how our community can find solace and inspiration in our stories and introduced our Top Stories section so that you, our reader, have better access to the things you specifically want to discover while on the site. As we worked to streamline our site experience, the timing was serendipitous as we were thrilled to have our efforts recognized and our story championed by writer Elana Lyn Gross of Forbes who kindly shared our story and mission in this incredible feature. Needless to say, this was an amazing way to end the year with a true impact!

When looking back on all that we’ve done in the past 12 months we couldn’t be more proud of the inclusive, creative and thoughtful community we’ve built across the world.

To our contributors, readers, and collaborators we simply can’t thank you enough for being part of this mission. We’re so excited to continue building this in 2017 – especially with you by our side. Even as we head into a new year of total uncertainty one thing is for sure, our resolve and creative thinking can and will create change – and it will be for the better. 

Here’s to another year down and leaving an imprint in the world simply by doing what we love. Happy new year dear reader, we’ll see you in 2017!