The Senses: Lee Vosburgh on Wellness, Patience, and the Importance of Simplicity

Style awakens the senses – and in the same vein as our

ethos – we’re excited to explore the important role creativity and style play in our lives through a different lens. Welcome to The Senses, a new interview series here on The Style Line which gives a platform for our interviewees to share ideas, products, and routines that empower them to not only dress well but live even better. If we’ve learned anything from our vibrant community, it’s that it is just as important to celebrate what we put into ourselves and our lives, as it is to focus on what we put on.

In fact, Lee Vosburgh understands this idea all too well. You may remember our initial Neighborhood Story with the ethical style blogger in 2016, who spoke more about the importance of slow fashion and lifestyle. Today, she kindly followed up on these themes by exploring them through a wellness/beauty lens. Without giving too much away, discover more from our follow-up with Lee who also shared what’s currently inspiring her creative senses.


Hello again! I’m Lee

Vosburgh an art director and creator of Style Bee a blog and resource for those looking to explore personal style, refine their wardrobe and embrace slow fashion. Since we last chatted not a whole lot has changed except that my husband and I officially tied the knot in September! We’re still working away on our 1890’s home and loving life in Guelph, Ontario with our two fur kiddos. Career-wise I’m still working as a designer by day in advertising and a blogger by night (and weekends) but I’m looking forward to making some changes in 2018!

My wellness/skin care personal style is quite similar to that of my wardrobe. I like to keep my routine as lean and simple as possible and invest in products that are thoughtfully produced with clean, natural ingredients. My approach to clothing and wellness/skin care is never about trends or quick fixes but instead about finding products and methods that are tried, tested and proven to be effective long-term. Being a very visual person I also make it a priority to find products that look as good as they work whenever possible! The ultimate goal for my closet and my beauty cabinet are the same in that each item needs to play a key role in helping me put my best self out into the world. If it stays idle or unused for too long, it’s obviously not essential!

Finding a repertoire of products that I love and that my skin responds well to has taken several years and lots of patience. I’ve also had to look beyond the products I’m putting ‘on’ my body and consider what I’m putting into my system in terms of food and nutrition. For instance, up until about 6 months ago, I was really struggling with chronic hormonal acne. It was such a drag and really weighing on my self-confidence. After trying pretty much all the topical treatments with little to no success (and too many high price tags) I started to suspect that the problem might be from within.

So I began looking into what foods might be influencing my skin. I learned that dairy intake can be detrimental when you’re susceptible to hormone imbalances so I decided to cut it out of my diet and see what happened. It didn’t take more than 7 dairy-free days for my skin to start clearing up in a major way. From that point on I knew it was going to be a combination of both diet and wholesome topical treatments to achieve the results I was looking for.

The Senses 


I’ve been burning incense from Provence Apothecary at my desk lately and have really enjoyed an essential oil blend of black spruce and fir balsam. It’s rich, full-bodied and has totally put me in a festive mindset for the season.


I’ve been loving cozy drinks lately and organic herbal teas have been on repeat (another inside-out skin clearing trick). A personal favorite is the Cleanse Tea from Pukka. I was first attracted to the key ingredients, which are all great for refreshing the system and flushing toxins: Aloe Vera, Fennel, Nettle, Peppermint, and Dandelion. Then I was very pleasantly surprised by the mild and velvety flavor, which can be hard to come by in detox teas.


I’m dying to see Loving Vincent an animated masterpiece comprised of 65,000 oil painted frames each painstakingly created by hand in Van Gogh’s broad brush-stroke style.


I’ve been all but sleeping in a luxurious alpaca knit cardigan I picked up from Han Starnes this Fall. It’s the most beautiful shade of muted camel and the texture is so incredibly soft. I just want to wrap myself up in it every day, so I do!


It’s been raining a fair bit in Guelph and I absolutely adore the sound on our roof as we tuck into bed or on the skylights in the kitchen when I’m making breakfast in the morning.

I’m feeling MUCH better about my skin now and even though it still isn’t perfect all the time, I finally feel like I have some control over it. Plus I’m learning so much about what I can do to improve it from the inside out. This experience has really shown me that slow beauty and skincare is less about the products I buy and more about listening to my body and digging deeper to reach the core of the issue.

For skin care: Drinking LOTS of water every day has been such a critical change in my routine. I make it a must to guzzle at least 2 liters every day. This makes such a huge difference in my complexion and how I feel overall.

I also swear by Tata Harpers Resurfacing Mask and use it about twice a week to brighten, tighten and keep breakouts at bay. It also works well as a spot-treatment on stubborn blemishes.

For beauty: I love a full brow and a red lip. Those are two things I rarely leave home without. They’re both high impact, quick steps and I’m all for making the most of my limited minutes in the morning. You can’t beat Anastasia’s Brow Wiz for natural looking brows and Burt’s Bee’s Lip Crayon is the best 100% natural drug store buy I’ve come across in ages.

It’s great to share products we love of course but sometimes sharing an insecurity or something we’ve been struggling with opens the line of communication for others too. Being able to voice those things can help so much when it comes to feeling supported and empowered to make positive and informed changes.

Our perception of beauty and wellness is such a personal and individual experience that sometimes we can get in our own heads about it. I don’t have a question I’d like to be asked more but instead, I think it’s important to ask the women around us about how they’re feeling in terms of wellness. I know it’s something I could definitely do more especially after feeling so frustrated and alone when I couldn’t find a solution to my hormonal acne.

I’m going into this season feeling good about my current routine and really looking forward to trying out some hearty and wholesome recipes to nourish from the inside out. This winter I’m intent on making self-care more of a daily priority and for me, that starts with better meal planning and prep for busy work weeks.