Meet the Team: Tictail

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Shop Tictail – Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line

Tictail is championing the next generation of independent brands.

From fashion to art to interiors, the dual online marketplace and content platform pay homage to makers of all kinds who are building modern brands with intention – though perhaps, more importantly, it is fostering entrepreneurship on a global scale. Coupling this with the company’s physical storefront Tictail Market, Tictail’s dynamic community can reach all corners of the earth seamlessly, which makes today’s story all the more exciting to tell.

At the helm of this energizing movement is a growing team of makers, strategists, connectors, and creatives, and we were lucky enough to visit with a few of them while in action at Tictail’s airy NYC office. Enter Briana, Rachel, Anna, Wenonah, and Katryna – five of the incredible women who you’ll meet in this feature and who embody Tictail’s positive spirit effortlessly.

To preface the below, we’ll say (without hesitation) that their impeccable style, inimitable camaraderie, and professional talents have all contributed to making Tictail’s story one of inclusion and opportunity. As Rachel, Tictail’s veteran Community Manager mentioned in our interview below: “We have so many brands in our marketplace from every tiny corner and big city of the globe. So many races, nationalities, and religions are represented in our community. All of their work deserves to be celebrated.”

Speaking more to that idea, consider this feature our personal homage to Tictail and the incredible path they’re carving for the next generation of brand-builders everywhere. Discover our morning with the featured ladies below who kindly shared more of their story, thoughts on entrepreneurship along with a few Tictail brands they’re currently loving. Also enjoy exclusive photos from our time together beautifully captured by Bridget Badore for The Style Line.

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“We have so many brands from every corner and city of the globe. So many races, nationalities, and religions are represented in our community. All of their work deserves to be celebrated.”

– Rachel Fletcher, Community Manager at Tictail

Briana Feigon – Director of Communications

Hey, I’m Briana. Outside of work I love yoga, hosting

dinner parties for my friends, and seeing live theater and comedy. I love getting to know amazing people around me through travel and adventure. I just went on an epic trip to Japan and am counting down until I can go back. Naoshima. Add it to your list. It’s the most magical place in the world. More than anything else, I value laughter. It’s healing — and really fun.

Whether it’s promoting local makers or championing global initiatives like Women’s History Month we love Tictail’s involvement in these important conversations. With this in mind, why do you think it’s important to support local makers and small businesses in the current political climate?

Female entrepreneurship has always been close to my heart. My mom started her own company and I spent a whole lot of time keeping myself busy after school in her office. Through watching her, I understood the relentless challenges but also the incredible reward of owning your own business, pursuing your passion, and bring everything you have to the table. This is truer now than ever — looking at how the political climate is shaping the creations of local artists and designers. I’ve been so in awe of all the amazing Tictail brands who are using their work as a soapbox for their activism. Women, like Shawna X, donating profits from her art to Planned Parenthood, Katie Kimmel, illustrator, ceramicist and a big advocate of the ACLU, or This Is Sweden — an incredible Stockholm-based brand hand making bombers with an anti-racist agenda. For many of these Tictail brands, it’s not just about sales, it’s about using their work to create a conversation.

How do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s bigger conversations and what role is Tictail playing in this shift?

My favorite element of creativity is playfulness. I think as adults, we take ourselves too seriously. We work so hard and have so many things to juggle. To be creative — you must take a step back. You must pause, reflect on the world, meditate in your wonderment, and only then can you create something special and unique. Creativity sparks questioning, it spurs dialogue, and it fuels change. And for Tictail to be a community to empower and support and be a sounding board for tens of thousands of creative minds literally around the world is a huge, huge honor.

We use personal style as a lens to tell our stories – with this in mind, can you share an anecdote that speaks to how style changed or positively impacted your life?

Let’s see, haha, I wear head to toe Tictail. I think that means I love my job… maybe a bit too much!

For those who haven’t visited Tictail Market walk us through the experience – what do you hope are the main things people notice while shopping or perusing the space?

Oh man, so many amazing things in the store right now! Yes – definitely pop in. 90 Orchard in the LES. We’re always hosting amazing events which are a great way to get to know the brands on Tictail. As our one and only brick and mortar, Tictail Market is the best way to touch and feel and get to know some of the many products available on Tictail.com.

In the store, we have primarily womenswear and home decor, but we also have great clothing and accessories for men, as well as rad artwork and jewelry. And the best part is that you’re shopping from small business owners around the world!

Rachel Fletcher – Community Manager

I’m Rachel and I’ve been with Tictail for three years

now. Beyond work, I’m a loving dog mom to Leona and a biker. I enjoy those things – and my friends! I value being able to make small changes in myself and (hopefully) the people around me every day, by reading everything I possibly can and listening to people who have different experiences than me.

How would you characterize Tictail’s shopper and brand community and how do you hope to see it evolve as the company grows?

Luckily they’re not so different from each other! Our brands and our shoppers value a lot of the same things: mindful sourcing and production, owning or creating something outside of the mainstream, and personality.

I would love to see this community grow as Tictail grows – every shopper we attract is one more person who can bring our emerging designers closer to achieving their goals. We want to empower them in every way possible.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

I’d be really happy if diversity played a bigger role in the questions I’m asked. We have so many brands in our marketplace from every tiny corner and big city of the globe. So many races, nationalities, and religions are represented in our community. All of their work deserves to be celebrated.

How has your perception of entrepreneurship and brand-building changed as a result of working for Tictail/with the brand community?

Before I worked at Tictail, I’d never really considered the impact that entrepreneurship can make in the world. The more small brands that succeed, the more massive retailers who don’t value the environment, their employees, or individuality become less relevant. The ability entrepreneurs have to actually create change is pretty humbling and one of the most inspiring parts of my job.

“I really wish people asked me more about the entrepreneurs on Tictail: they’re truly some of the most talented and inspirational people I’ve ever met.”

– Wenonah Echelard – International Marketing Manager

Anna Decilveo – Product Merchandiser

Hi! I’m Anna, and I’m a Libra who enjoys hot yoga

(most of my friends debate me on this), white sand beaches, and music from people you’ve probably never heard of. That would be my dating profile if I had one. Things I value most? My friends and family are top of the list– more valuable than anything in this world, besides my grandpa’s coin collection, of course. I love cooking, seeing live music and traveling. When in NYC I am happiest discovering new pizza places — you can never have enough pizza! Right now I’m loving Scarr’s.

While you probably love all of the brands that Tictail works with can you think back to bringing on/working with a particular designer/brand that really made you fall in love all over again with your job/fashion?

Ugh, such a tough one. I do have a mega girl crush on Tictail brand Ida Klamborn. Beyond designing exceptional pieces, she creates with purpose and with a point of differentiation that always makes her stick out. What’s most inspiring is Ida is so true to herself in everything she does from her collections, fashion week shows, models she chooses to the newsletter she sends out weekly to her fans. Her line allows you to look cute but also really, really cool– making the impossible, possible. She stands for being the ultimate female: wearing many hats, empowering others, and staying true to your word. I had the pleasure of working with her during Stockholm Fashion Week in January, and now I really can’t get enough.

When it comes to curating products what role does sustainability play in your decision-making and generally what would you say is Tictail’s position on sustainability/ethics in relation to shopping?

What’s great about Tictail and sustainability is the different ways our brands are exploring being kind to the environment. Every avenue is explored. From production methods to sourcing to creativity in recycling. Brands like Deadwood, SiiZU and Grounded Factory continue to surprise me with their approach to ethics in fashion and protecting the environment.

We’re always highlighting them in our collections and content. When it comes to Tictail’s position, we appreciate the large amount of change-makers on our platform, and love being the lucky ones who get to tell their stories.

What are a few brands that you’re currently excited about and what do you hope to introduce more of in the coming months?

One of the best parts about Tictail is discovery. No exaggeration, I get to discover a new brand every day. Right now, I’m obsessed with our Spanish brands. Heinui, Juan Carlos Pajares and Krizia Robustella, just to name a few. I met them on a recent trip to Spain and I’m thrilled to begin featuring them even more in the coming months.

Also! Our female artists. The amount of incredible art on Tictail is outrageous, and the fact that so much if it is coming from women is even better. Elise Peterson, Maria Herreros, Laura Callaghan are just three of the ladies making huge impacts. I’m excited for some upcoming projects here at Tictail to elevate them even more.

Wenonah Echelard – International Marketing Manager

I’m Wenonah Echelard, a Midwestern girl with insatiable

wanderlust. I’m fluent in English, French, and Spanish and when I’m not picking up another language for my travels, you can probably find me biking around Brooklyn or playing the flute in my local orchestra.

Although based in New York, we love Tictail’s global roots. How has being part of something so communal, innovative and creative re-inspired your love of fashion and life in New York?

Tictail has brought global fashion to my fingertips. Each morning, I can assemble a stunning outfit with pieces from all over the world: statement shoes from Israel, a silk jumpsuit from France, and a leather jacket from Sweden. This outfit I’m wearing right now is made up of three brands from three different countries!

The ability to so easily access items from all over the world has empowered me to expand my personal style. Plus, I had to up my game to keep up with the creativity and unique fashion senses in our NYC office!

How would you characterize your day to day at the office and what is one element of your job you wish people asked you more about?

My day is all about making connections — between our Stockholm and NYC offices, and between our global brands and shoppers. I work hard to make sure that no matter what language you speak or country you’re from, you find our marketplace, and everything it has to offer, engaging. I really wish people asked me more about the entrepreneurs on Tictail: they’re truly some of the most talented and inspirational people I’ve ever met.

How do you celebrate personal style?

I like to keep it comfortable and bike-able with a bit of flare, pairing an everyday statement item with colorful accents. My favorite Tictail purchase to-date is my emerald green jumpsuit from Le StockholmSyndrome. I can throw my hair up and sneakers on in a rush, or pair it with some heels when I’m feeling fancy.

“When it comes to Tictail’s position, we appreciate the large amount of change-makers on our platform, and love being the lucky ones who get to tell their stories.”

–  Anna Decilveo – Product Merchandiser

Katryna Jones – Product Designer

Hey I’m Katryna Jones: a product designer and avid

margarita drinker/maker. Houston, Texas is my home, but I’m now living in Brooklyn with my dog, obi-wan Kenobi. I lived in Stockholm for 6 years studying digital media and working right out of college– that’s when I fell for Tictail. Being an art school kid, I love art. Especially modern art. I actually cried when I saw my favorite piece for the first time Fountain, by Marcel Duchamp (modern art groupie over here.) Living in NYC, I value the diversity and vibrancy of the city and its people. Unlike Stockholm where it was literally dark all the time…and there weren’t enough margaritas.

As a designer in the Tech space, what do you like about working with an online marketplace like Tictail?

I’m super passionate about exploring the relationship between shopping and product design. I myself prefer not to shop in-store and can completely empathize with the people browsing Tictail.com. There are so many interesting user behaviors when you buy something online, so many personalities and personas to cater to. Working with Anna to dig deep, heads-down in our data and come out with our best possible user experience is so thrilling. It’s like finally hitting that a-ha moment.

What is your favorite aspect of Tictail.com and what do you think sets it apart in terms of other online shopping destinations?

Without a doubt, our brands! It’s not something that I can control as a product designer, but it’s the strongest foundation to who we are. With the level of quality products and brands set so high, building an experience where users can discover a new brand every time they visit the site is that much more rewarding. We have a unique opportunity to make a shopper feel like they are shopping a secret boutique in Berlin or tiny atelier in Paris, but in reality, it’s from their couch being lazy on a Sunday morning. At least, that’s usually me.

How would you advise the next generation of designers to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love?

When I first started working as a visual designer in advertising, it was always about giving sites a “cool-factor”, making them interactive or have unique features. That is the furthest thing from what I do today (thank god). I think the next generation of designers should try and focus on solving real user problems. Transitioning from a visual designer to a product designer, and digging deep into analytics and user testing completely changed the way I look at design. Obsess over your audience and their key problems. Then make it look amazing.

“To be creative — you must take a step back. You must pause, reflect on the world, meditate in your wonderment, and only then can you create something special and unique.”

– Briana Feigon – Director of Communications