Meet the Team: The Huffington Post Style Team

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Photos by Christina Pearson for The Style Line

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Hair by Rachelle Hawkins – Makeup by Kari Bauce

“Your questions were so serious…

I feel like we need to insert a good amount of LOL’s in our answers!” Huffington Post’s dynamite Fashion and Beauty editor Julee Wilson commented while leading us through the brightly-lit and bustling staircase to meet the rest of her team last Thursday afternoon… And she definitely had a point. Here at The Style Line approach storytelling by getting to the core of things. But if we’ve learned anything from our encounters in the past year, getting to the heart of matter doesn’t always have to be a serious affair. In fact in matters of fashion, it should above all be fun and that’s just what our visit with the effervescent HuffPost style team reminded us of when we stopped by their office for a little style rendezvous.

Upon entering The Huffington Post newsroom, one is overcome with strong sense of quiet and unwavering determination which radiates from the media giant’s committed journalists and editors, 350 who are NYC-based alone! Not to mention the perpetual bustle coming from in-house studio for HuffPost Live, which cycles new segments addressing any and all topics, every 15 minutes. Yet if you look closely amidst the masses you’ll find true camaraderie and cross-over between teams – Which was doubly reaffirmed as Jessica Kane, a TSL regular and HuffPost Director of Millennial Outreach popped by on more than one occasion, just to simply hang out and say hello. As we rounded the corner to an incredible large-scale mural that read The Huffington Post, Julee lead us down the aisle closest to the latter, stopping at a group of desks whose inhabitants casually chatted with one another while somehow simultaneously focused on their tasks at hand. Diverse in both style and stature, each member of the group immediately shared one distinct commonality: A friendly smile and warm welcome. Enter, The Huffington Post Style team.

the huffington post the style line

After spending an afternoon

with the style-savvy team, it’s safe to say we are now well-versed in the latest pop-culture happenings, more specifically: Holiday party dance moves, ugly Christmas sweaters and Beyonce lyrics. But if we have to share our biggest takeaway from the afternoon, it was our discovery of the team’s dedication to maintaining a sincere passion in their on-duty pursuits. In so many words, “We just like to have a lot of fun”, was the theme of our experience with the ladies of HuffPost Style, who still manage to have a laugh while still expertly creating and curating what’s trending in fashion and style.

So to pay homage to the tiny yet tenacious team, we’re maintaining our own commitment to sharing the stories of six of the most interesting women in the biz. Read on and meet, Julee, MichelleMegan, ChanelJamie and Dana who share their thoughts holiday dressing how they celebrate personal style all year-long.

Julee Wilson, Fashion and Beauty Editor

Please introduce yourself! 

I’m a hardworking gal who feels super blessed to be living her dream every day. I’m also really fortunate that much of my personal life reflects my professional life. My friends and family think I’m pretty darn sassy and so do my co-workers. That copious amount of sass shines through in my love for ridiculously high heels, a perfectly made Sidecar cocktail, anything in a leopard print, eye-catching jewelry, ratchet music and my devastatingly handsome/brilliant husband. My newest, cutest and most exciting love is my son, Orion. He’s 5 months old and the light of my life. Ultimately, I value spending time with my family and friends while also taking the time to travel…and twerk!

How would you describe the HuffPost Style community?

I think just like us, our readers are hardcore news buffs who want the scoop on what’s going on in the fashion/beauty world while also understanding the importance and power of personal style.

Talk to us about leadership: How have you learned to lead and would you say fashion and personal style has played any role in how you lead?

I love this question. I’m totally fascinated with leadership and all it’s amazing forms. In fact, I actually earned my B.A. in Leadership

Studies at The University of Richmond. But beyond studying leaders in the classroom, I’ve had the pleasure of working along side a number of awesome leaders within the publishing industry. It’s through those relationships that I’ve been offered an endless in education in the type of leader I am and aspire to be. I’m not sure how much my personal style enhances my effectiveness as a leader, but I hope that my passion for my career is reflected through both my actions and attire.

What are some of your personal favorite staples for a timeless holiday look?

Just like a bold red lip, the right accessory can completely transform your look. That’s why I always keep a statement necklace or a pair eye-catching shoes at arms reach — whether it’s the holidays or not. There’s always a reason to get festive, right?

Michelle Persad, Fashion Editor 

Please introduce yourself! 

I think an important thing to know about me is that I love food. I’m always trying new restaurants and recipes, and whenever anyone in the office has a question about where to eat, they ask me. I’m also a big traveler and am constantly planning my next trip. I’ll spend months on food blogs making sure I hit all the best spots while I’m away. In terms of what I value in life, I’d say a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak is pretty high on the list.

Would you say you have any personal style resolutions for 2015?

For a long time I didn’t wear makeup because I didn’t think it went well with my minimal, low-key style, but I’ve since realized that nobody looks good with bags under their eyes. So, in 2015, I really want to focus on makeup application. I’m so lucky because we have an amazing hair and makeup team on staff at HuffPost Live and they have already taught me tons of useful tips and tricks. I’m never going to be a girl who wears fake eyelashes every day or contours their face on a regular basis, but I do want to master a few things that I think all women should know how to do — like achieving a beautiful cat eye and getting Cara Delevingne-esque eyebrows.

How has your experience at HuffPost inspired some of your off-duty passions?

I’ve always been really interested in fashion and style, but working at HuffPost has meant that I’m immersed in it 24/7, which has really affected the way I shop. Since part of my job is market work (online shopping), I’m very aware of the sheer amount of choices out there and it has made me edit my closet. It’s now very rare for me to buy something unless I’ve thought about it for at least a month.

What are some of your personal favorite staples for a timeless holiday look?

Whenever I buy clothes, I make sure they work year-round — I never buy something that will only make sense in one context or for one occasion. So I think staples for holiday dressing are very similar to staples for your everyday wardrobe — a black knit turtleneck, a perfectly tailored suit, a great midi skirt. All I do differently for the holidays is add cool accessories like chunky statement earrings, or a festive clutch. It’s an easy way to look like you’re in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank on a sparkly sweater you’ll never wear again.

Megan Mayer, Associate Style Editor

Please introduce yourself! 

First off, thank you for interviewing me! This is my first time on the other side… I feel famous. Well, I’m a California transplant. I graduated from UCLA and decided to move to New York to fulfill my dreams of living in the city. I feel really lucky to be here — moving to a new city without knowing anyone is scary, and I’ve met so many awesome people (especially the Style girls) that have made the transition so much easier. My three siblings are my best friends, Shonda Rhimes is my fourth. I love to read. As punishment when I was little, my parents would threaten to take away my Harry Potter books. On the weekends I attempt to cook, fail, and then go to brunch. As a warning, if we ever get eat a meal together, I’ll probably Instagram it.

What is your favorite aspect of cold-weather dressing? 

SWEATERS. And anything over-sized. I’m such a hoarder. I have clothes from 9th grade in my closet and I have a serious problem with throwing things away. Which isn’t conducive to my teeny bedroom. But even birthday cards. I can’t do it.

How do you celebrate personal style and plan to experiment with it this season? 

I tend to dress for comfort. All the time. Bras are my worst enemy. I would like to say that I have plans to experiment but I’m definitely not that organized. I wear a lot of black so I’ve been trying to stray away from the monochromatic outfits and integrate some color my life.

Talk to us about holiday dressing – As of late what’s inspiring your holiday and seasonal style?

Oh man. My wardrobe is currently going through an identity crisis so I can’t answer that. However, I’m hosting two holiday parties at my apartment this week and I’m wearing ugly sweaters to both. Because why not?

Chanel Parks, Associate Editor

Please introduce yourself! 

I like long walks, freestyle dance sessions and moisturizing. Other than those crucial activities, I enjoy reading, writing (obviously) and watching Jeopardy because of my weird knack for knowing random trivia. In a past life, I played the French horn, while in my current life I’m on a quest for the best tasting biscuits in America. So, that’s me in a nutshell.

What story do you hope to tell through your personal style?

If anything, my style reflects versatility. While I have staple pieces, like blazers, that definitely make a lot of appearances in my outfits, I like to mix up my aesthetic so I’m not stuck in one place. One day I can be rockin’ out in my sneakers and boyfriend jeans, and the next I’ll be in a crisp white button-down with a tailored skirt. My style really depends on my mood (and the availability of clean laundry).

How has your experience at HuffPost inspired some of your off-duty passions?

Working on the web allows me to go down strange Internet rabbit holes that of course keep me cooped up in the office or apartment. So, I’ve recently made a pact to myself to transfer some of that exploration to the physical world.

 As a recent New York resident, I love going on adventures around the city, especially if it has something to do with food. Other than that, my job has furthered my interests in aesthetics, so outside HuffPost, I encourage myself to seek out other outlets of artistic expression, like photography and crafting.

What are some of your personal favorite staples for a timeless holiday look?

I have one: lipstick. Of course I love my reds (MAC Russian Red, whattup!), but one of the best things about going to a holiday party is standing out from the rest. So, I think experimenting with deeper berry shades and warmer oranges instead of donning holiday reds is something that can create a timeless outfit with a little bit of an edge.

Jamie Feldman, Associate Style Editor

Please introduce yourself!

I’m the kind of person who still watches Saturday Night Live every week *just in case* something funny happens. I love to travel but hate flying and my friends say I can be kind of bossy (I like to pick the restaurant, so sue me!) Last week during spin class I muttered a curse word at the instructor under my breath and realized spin probably isn’t for me. I value both big things (like family, my health, my family’s health) and little things ( like pink grapefruit Perrier in a glass bottle, when the subway is waiting for you on the platform and well-done french fries) alike.

What story do you hope to tell through your personal style?

I have always been a proponent of body & budget friendly fashion. I thrive off of a solid bargain (as a rule, anything discounted less than fifty percent is not a sale,) and have always prided myself on finding pieces that make me not only look good but feel good, too.

 I wouldn’t call myself trendy, in fact, I typically find one thing I love and wear the living daylight out of it — until I either can’t bear the sight of it anymore or until it literally falls apart. As I learned from my fashionista Nana, it’s all about looking like a million bucks without spending that much.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

“My place or yours?”

Do you have any personal style resolutions for 2015?

I resolve to always wear my big, hideous looking puffer jacket whenever it’s freezing outside, even when I so badly want to wear the cuter, more useless coat that matches my outfit better.

Dana Oliver, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor

Please introduce yourself! 

I am a lipstick-loving, fashion deal-hunting, sunscreen-slathering girl who always has a standing appointment at the hair salon.

When I’m not writing about Rihanna’s latest ‘do or the weird ingredient in skincare products for HuffPost Style, I like to FaceTime with my nephews, go to concerts or curl up on my couch with a good book while an Erykah Badu record blasts from my living room speakers.

I value family, friendship and individuals who live life to the fullest no matter what box society tries to put us in.

Talk to us about leadership: How have you learned to lead and would you say fashion and personal style has played any role in how you lead?

I’ve been blessed to work with some of the best fashion and beauty editors in the business. Because of their guidance, support and faith in my talents and skills, my career as an editor has been on a steady upward trajectory. My tireless work ethic and positive attitude is a reflection of having great leaders in my life. Not to mention, women with impeccable personal style.

The editors on my team often tease me about not wearing the same thing twice. While that is far from being true, I like to think that the way I dress expresses qualities of a leader: strength, confidence and awareness of self.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

“Where would you like to go on all-expenses paid vacation?”

Talk to us about holiday dressing – As of late what’s inspiring your holiday and seasonal style?

I’ve based most of my holiday style this year around one matte red lipstick, MAC Riri Woo. With just one swipe of that lip color, my winter style stands out even more whether I’m dressed in all black or a vibrant print.