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Meet the Team: Spring

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Shop Spring – Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line

Spring is working around the

clock to empower brands, customers and style lovers everywhere. In short, the platform’s mission is to streamline the shopping process by bringing a mix of legacy and emerging brands across fashion, beauty, lifestyle (and more) all under one roof. Though their efforts span far beyond the confines of any one screen – as we’ve seen just how much they value their growing global community firsthand. Whether it be through their unwavering commitment to creating a personalized shopping experience or through one of their fun fireside chats at their New York HQ, we’ve felt fortunate to get to know the minds behind this innovative marketplace. Enter today’s story which features a few of the talented women at the helm of Spring’s success.

spring the style line

From their thoughts on personal style to sustainability to advice for the next generation of creatives we’re thrilled to share more from our morning with Melissa, April, Suzie, Olivia, and Becca. Read on to discover our respective conversations with each of them featuring exclusive photos captured by Bridget Badore for The Style Line.

“The modern woman doesn’t just want to buy something. She wants to have a personal connection and an experience…”

– Melissa Liebling-Goldberg, VP of Editorial

spring the style line

Melissa Liebling-Goldberg, VP of Editorial 

I’m Melissa and I am

Spring’s VP of Editorial. I’m originally in Houston, but I’ve been in NYC for 17 years so I guess I’m a hybrid (New Yorxan?). I’m lucky enough to live close to a lot of the museums in the city, so that’s often where you can find me in my downtime. Otherwise, I love traveling and am always obsessively planning 1-2 trips at a time.

Although based in New York, Spring is truly a global platform. How has being part of something so innovative, accessible and creative re-inspired your love of fashion and life in New York?

I look at the world through a different lens – always trying to think of how our customer sees it. What are they doing, eating, seeing, shopping, loving? It makes me more curious and more attentive to make sure I’m not missing the moments that they are enjoying — or the ones they don’t know about yet that we can bring to them. I have always loved street style and seeing how the people of NYC put themselves together is a constant inspiration. 

We love that Spring caters to the modern woman and her needs. In your role how do you craft modern stories that appeal to her life and style?

The modern woman doesn’t just want to buy something. She wants to have a personal connection and an experience, so whether that’s in the imagery that we use, the language we talk to her in, or the storytelling that we bring to her, we’re always trying to make it a more thoughtful way to shop. I think it’s about bringing together all the elements into one place. For example, if we approach a travel story, we want to pack her suitcase with the coolest, most useful stuff, but also give her tips on how to pack and where the hotspots are to travel to. 

How have you learned to celebrate personal style as a result of working with your team at Spring?

The team here is so stylish in their own individual ways. I love seeing how everyone styles the trends here (or just the same pieces – we have such a collective shared taste in shopping!). And I feel like my sneaker purchasing has gone way up since starting here – the benefits of a casual office! 

spring the style line

April Uchitel, Chief Brand Officer

Outside of work – I am a

mother first. I have two spirited children who help me really stay in the moment. My husband is a photographer and we’ve split life between Tribeca and Upstate NY for nearly 15 years. We entertain a lot on the weekends and have thrown some mean barn parties, bonfires and BBQ’s! I value family the most and feel incredibly blessed.

What are you hoping to offer the Spring community and would you say sustainability is considered when working with or bringing on brands? 

I’ve been building out the Brand Community at Spring for over 3 years now. From the beginning, we set out to deliver a new way of shopping  – focused on the modern consumer. This included mixing high and low price points, niche and mass brands, direct to consumer brands, and brands without any direct channels, in order to provide a unique experience and greater breadth of choice than traditional multi-brand retailers. As far as brand considerations, not only does product and content play a huge role in our direct curation choices, so do business practices. Consumers are becoming more and more conscientious about their spending power every year. I think this year more than ever it is important for brands to be transparent and stand for something beyond just manufacturing products. I believe brand ethos and integrity will continue to impact consumers spending habits as well as partnership opportunities on Spring.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

“What can I help you with?” This is something that I make a point of doing many times throughout the week. Be it with a co-worker, a brand partner, a friend, or my children – I have found this to be a really powerful communication tool.

How do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s bigger conversation and what role is Spring playing in this?

I think creativity plays a massive role. For many years the fashion industry was on a hamster wheel (wash, rinse, repeat). As technology continues to evolve and disrupt every aspect of the industry (along with a strong transfer of power to consumers), brands and retailers are forced to become much more creative and strategic in re-approaching all aspects of their business. Spring saw the opportunity years ago that by removing middlemen and empowering both brands and consumers directly, both sides would greatly benefit from a single shopping destination. By working with some of the best brands in the world, and helping shoppers discover new favorites, we honestly believe that we are building the shopping mall of the future.

spring the style line

Olivia Froislie, Customer Service Representative 

I’m originally from Ottawa,

Canada and relocated to New York to attend Parsons. While I miss square footage and easy access to green space back home; I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. Outside of work I can be found eating, drinking and exercising my way around New York. Living in New York has given me the opportunity to be active in unique ways whether it be a workout class at the MET, a half-marathon ending on the boardwalk of Coney Island or Citi biking around the 5 boroughs (in search of the best ice cream; recommendations always welcome). I value honesty, hard work, simple pleasures, and above all, my family. 

How would you characterize your day-to-day at Spring and what do you wish more people would ask about your role?

First and foremost, my day is centered around providing an amazing customer experience. I work closely with our Brand Management, operations, and product teams to troubleshoot problems and, as we grow, be the voice of the customer to help define our product and overall customer service experience. I wish more people asked me about the relationships we’ve built with our customers!  

We use personal style as a lens to tell our stories. With that in mind, can you share any memories or anecdotes in which personal style played a pivotal role in your life? 

I worked as a bank teller in university and struggled to adhere to the dress code showcasing your personal style was not encouraged- I felt awkward and uncomfortable wearing a suit. It made me realize how my personal style has the ability to transform my confidence and I’m so happy to work in an industry that supports self-expression and creativity. 

Although based in New York, Spring is truly a global platform. How has being part of something so innovative, accessible and creative re-inspired your love of fashion and life in New York?

There is no better way to see the intersection of art, creativity, fashion and technology than at Spring. I’ve been introduced to so many new brands, participated in fireside chats with empowering leaders in the fashion and technology industry and am surrounded by amazingly smart and stylish people who are a constant source of inspiration. 

spring the style line

Suzie Tompkins, Brand Strategist

I am a native New Yorker

addicted to traveling, especially if the location offers excessive sunshine and carbohydrates. I am extremely lucky to live in the same place as my family and majority of my friends, so when I am not working I can be found snuggling with the amazing people in my life, usually while watching bad TV. I value laughter, sincerity, and ambition.

In a nutshell, tell us about what you do at Spring. How have your relationships with brands and designers affected your approach to personal style? 

I am a Brand Strategist at Spring which means that I get to work directly with some of the incredible fashion and beauty brands we have in our community like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Dior Beauty and many more, to create interesting and unique experiences for the Spring customer from exclusive off-the-runway collections to editorial photoshoots. Being able to dive into the world of the prodigious designers I have the honor to work with has been unbelievably inspiring and has challenged my normal uniform of head-to-toe black ensembles. Spring also supports a plethora of emerging brands that I love to explore on our app as they provide new vision and style influence.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often? 

What did you learn today? I often get caught up in the noise of my day and neglect to take the time to reflect.

How would you advise the next generation of creatives, style mavens, designers etc. to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love? 

Stay curious! I believe that the most important thing in life is to expose yourself to new experiences, people, opinions, and perspectives. Moving out of your comfort zone lends itself to development and growth in all facets of your personal life and work. Looking beyond just what you love creates an informed picture of the environment and how societal trends can affect/inspire your work from tech advancements to politics and art. 

spring the style line

Becca Enman, Technical Project Manager

My name is Becca Enman

and I’m a Technical Project Manager on the Platform Integrations team at Spring. I’m a true homebody with a love of the arts. When I’m not working, you can find me curled up with my cat reading, listening to music, taking in a movie at BAM or walking my dog around my neighborhood. My newest passion is cooking, which I’ve picked up from my boyfriend Tom who is an Executive Chef. I live for Saturdays when I can shop at the farmers market, pick up new books at the library, go for a run with my dog and spend the evening cooking an elaborate dinner with my boyfriend.

How would you personally characterize the Spring community and how do you hope to see it evolve?

The Spring community is the modern shopper. They come to Spring for the ease and accessibility of finding the products they love and the social aspect of discovery and engagement with brands. Mobile commerce is the way of the future and being at Spring, I have a front row seat to watch it evolve. The Spring community is playing a big part in that, and I’m excited to see how Spring will continue to be a staple in the modern consumer experience. 

What is the most unexpected thing you’ve discovered about your style and yourself as a result of being in this position at Spring?

My position allows me to engage closely with the brands and products we have on Spring so I’m always discovering new brands, products, and emerging trends. Spring is truly amazing discovery platform and working here has helped shape and inform my style by exposing me to new brands and trends in an accessible way. 

How do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s bigger conversation and what role is Spring playing in this?

In the digital age, creativity and ingenuity are at the forefront. The challenge is to be ahead of what’s next, and in that way, Spring is leading the charge for e-commerce and m-commerce, both with the uniqueness of our product and how we showcase brands. What I admire about Spring is that as a marketplace, we’re a level playing field for brands that are household names and new artists which is a very modern ethos. 

spring the style line

“By working with some of the best brands in the world, and helping shoppers discover new favorites, we honestly believe that we are building the shopping mall of the future.”

– April Uchitel, Chief Brand Officer