Studio Visit: Susan Beischel of Skin Worldwide

skin worldwide the style line

Photo of Susan Beischel of skin WORLDWIDE by Emma Jane Kepley for The Style Line

We’re kicking off April with a true breath of fresh air.

We sat down with the lovely Susan Beischel of Skin to discuss the inception of the brand which is solely built on the idea of comfort in all respects. Susan also stressed the importance of sustainable fashion and chatted about the strong Skin community and her favorite Spring getaways! But, what’s her philosophy in a nutshell? To look good, feel good and do good… and well, we just can’t  (and won’t) argue with that.

skin worldwide the style line

Please introduce yourself! Outside of Skin who are you?

Oops… I kind of am Skin.

Comfortable, easy, intelligent, love a room with a view, small intimate spaces, yet wide open land… I like beauty and nature, and the warmth of the sun. I love  simple, home-grown food, and one-on-one meaningful conversations. I like to create a space for people to “feel” something.  I am curious and adventurous, but run a business which means I have little spare time. My business is who I am, and I design the business to be a life that I want to live. Because running a business takes so much time, I need a wardrobe that multi-tasks, that can take me many places and do many things. I also don’t have room in my life for a lot of things… So I like nice things that last, and things that make me feel good.

How would you describe the Skin community and your own personal community?

We are attracting a Skin community of mindful people, who want to connect with a way of living that feels good, that is sustainable, that is manageable, and where they can plug into making choices that feel right for themselves.  The network of people is desiring a connection with things and products that really make life easier.

This is the same in my business as in my personal life.  There is a point when you realize that you can’t do everything, that life can be somewhat curated, and when you identify the things that turn you on, life supports your thoughts and puts those things in front of you.

What importance does sustainability hold in the Skin brand? When did you realize this needed to be addressed and how do you think we can effectively continue the conversation about sustainable fashion? 

Sustainability is an important value for skin on many levels.  I wanted to build something that would be around for a long time. That meant I needed to pace myself. In running my business and my life,  I take the same approach and I think wholistically.  Every part affects the whole.  Every employee, every decision, every customer, and product, has an impact on the business just like  the food I put in my own body affects my energy level.  I always think about outcome and what ” this”  will do to “that”. I think the most effective way to continue the conversation about sustainable fashion is to just offer it and just do it. Turn people on to things they fall in love with first, then they might make the connection about why they love it, and then they might be ready to hear the message.  People don’t want to be told, they need to sense their way to things on their own timing.  It doesn’t hurt though when the “influencers” fall in love with something and can help get the message out to their fans.

What are your favorite Springtime activities and hang-outs and what’s your go-to piece for Spring weather?

My favorite springtime activity is getting out of the house and going on an adventure. Because my business takes all my time, I am a spontaneous girl. I wake up in the morning and read something, and book a ticket or a flight a few hours before!!  I will read about a hike, or a town, or a restaurant, and jump in the car and go to explore it. I love love love being outside and in nature!!!  A secret path that leads to a private beach, and I am there!  A drive in the country to hike in a forest that ends with dinner in a small cafe…I am there!! ….Walking, hiking, biking, yoga, Pilates… Even my secret apartment dancing at night!! Spring makes me come more alive! Spring time makes me feel like I’ve been the flower in the bud and now I can start opening up my petals as the sun comes out… Getting outside is the best thing!

What is one question you wish people asked you more often? 

“Whose underwear do you wear?”

Skin organic cotton underwear is the best kept secret that I wish everyone knew about… Um, especially for those girls who don’t even like to wear underwear… We make the underwear that you don’t even know you are wearing, it is that comfortable… That’s what it feels like to really be in your “Own skin!”

How do you think the “Skin girl” has influenced your style and lifestyle and in turn how do you think you’ve influenced and help to shape her?

am the Skin girl. helping others to feel good and experience something new, is kind of my mission.  I have a long way to go in order to influence or shape anyone, but I think living by example is the best way. Everyone has a passion for something, and I have a passion for living easy, living comfortably, so I can be free to take in more of the abundance around me.