Armance Rotceig the style line

Studio Visit: Armance Rotceig

Armance Rotceig’s workspace

is something out of a fairytale.

Tucked in the hidden greenery of her parent’s Parisian abode, her green house like studio precious fabrics, jewels, and other knick-knacks that piece together to form the story of each of her leather jackets. The all-glass interior allows her to become fully immersed in the natural environment, unhindered by the obstruction of traditional architecture. Armance’s growth began as she worked side by side in her mother’s art studio at a young age. Each day she is continually reminded by her mother’s art, transparent through windows of her parent’s home directly across the garden.

Armance has one goal for each one of her creations, “I want the woman to live.”  Although Armance’s art is considered haute couture, each jacket is designed to take the form of each woman and her every day activities from work to play- A staple piece. The natural light peering into the green house, blooming plants, and illuminating jackets allowed us to live through fashion and natural inspiration that Armance experiences everyday. Read on and meet Armance, as she shares her story, life in France and what it means to be inspired…

Please introduce yourself! 

[In the] beginning of the collection, I was a specialist. I was not happy when I was working for other people – You do little things and it’s a part of mixing. It’s not my personality, I take my time. I started to ask, “What I can do?” I wanted to do something for a girl like me. What I can do is build a brand for a girl like me. [I value doing] a lot of sports I am with my family and friends. “I want the woman to live.” All the materials and fabrics I will test it a lot. If its too fragile I don’t want it.

What story do you hope to tell through your creative endeavors?

I don’t have a story. I did what I want, I didn’t find it – I think everyone is always looking for the “perfect jacket” I just wanted something that I can wear everyday.

How did growing up in France influence your career choice?

Experience in life. When I was little I never thought I [ would build] a brand because it isn’t my character. I’m not an entrepreneur. I am a DREAMER.  I knew I was good in this, but I [also] didn’t like what I was doing. It’s complicated to follow your dream and enter the real world. 

Armance Rotceig the style line

The question [became whether or not] I really love what I did before – But I didn’t like my job. [It became:] “Do I still want to be a stylist?” or do I have to do something? I really like to work with  my hands. Every time someone buys a jacket, it’s incredible. Everything I’ve done I’ve made. At the beginning I knew I wanted to quit my job and that’s all. I don’t have the business side.

How do you feel that your workspace affects your work?

The inspiration is my mother. When I was little I was in her studio all the time.

Your collection is based on the concept of four jackets that are the foundation for individual preference based on your art.  What does each jacket represent?

Basically the set of four was a foundation for the rest of the collection, that could be built on and incorporate other fabrics and materials.

Armance Rotceig the style line

What materials are you inspired by and how has this evolved throughout the brand?

I love leather. It’s beautiful, I am very interested in everything about leather. It’s something that lives. With you. I like when you take something you put it on you and it takes your form. The more you use it the more beautiful [it becomes.] In the beginning I was more interested by leather. La Coupe– I fell in love with fabrics.

What do you think a woman’s jacket says about her?

I think we need to have something that we really feel good with in the same time that you can wear everything with it. Something you don’t think about [when] you put something [on] in the morning. We just go in the morning and we have our life and after,we go out in the night [and] don’t have time to come back into the house. Something you feel good when you work with. The jacket is the staple piece. It’s like a bag.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

“What is your source of inspiration?”

Armance Rotceig the style line

Do you have any unexpected sources of creative inspiration? If not, how do you define inspiration?

My source of inspiration is everything around me, color, fabrics, leather and people in the street… And what [makes me] feel happy. Inspiration is what moves me, what makes me feel an emotion. For me, when you see one of my jackets I hope you feel something because it’s a little bit of me.

How do you celebrate personal style?

[By] feeling beautiful in clothes that put us in values. Do not follow fashion at all costs.

What are some off-duty passions and goals you want to pursue this fall?

I hope to find distributors in the United States and Europe to continue, [and to] develop myself and pursue my dreams.

Armance Rotceig the style line

“The jacket is the staple piece. It’s like a bag. Do not follow fashion at all costs.”