Lisa Muñoz of Leaf and June on Unlocking Your Creativity



There’s no denying that at times, small business owners

need a sense of refuge from the demands of everyday life (in many cases, their life and work become one in the same). But as our interviewees have taught us over the years, success truly comes when you’re able to find that sense of fulfillment in your profession. Enter Lisa Muñoz of Leaf and June.

We first visited the Brooklyn-based horticulturist and plant designer at her former apartment and studio space in 2015. While we were there, we learned all about Lisa’s enriching line of work and the health benefits that come with being surrounded by plants. Since our initial meeting, Lisa’s business has grown exponentially as a result of her unwavering determination, creative eye, and business acumen. Our interviewee also attributes having the right tools has made all the difference. Case in point, our latest Made in Style interview in partnership with Squarespace.

Squarespace is changing the way small business owners across a myriad of industries build successful, digital-first business. As an industry-leading company, the all-in-one platform provides a dynamic assortment of tools and features for creators to build easy-to-use websites. Aesthetics aside, Squarespace also has a growing suite of marketing and analytics tools which provide brands with a holistic understanding of what their customers or visitors are engaging with the most.

With that being said, we spoke with Lisa about why she chose to build Leaf and June’s online presence on Squarespace, along with what’s changed since we met nearly three years ago. Discover the full story below which features exclusive photos (and footage!) captured by our lead photographer Bridget Badore for The Style Line.

My name is Lisa Muñoz.

I am an interior plant designer based in Brooklyn. Outside of Leaf and June, I am a proud dog mom, I am a lover of music, and I am a Texas transplant who has called New York home for almost 12 years. Over the last couple years, Leaf and June has evolved in ways that allow me to challenge myself as only a growing business can. It both takes me out of my comfort zone and reinforces my initial decision to start Leaf and June on a daily basis.

We’re sure that your schedule has changed drastically since we last met. What is one new addition you’ve added to your to-do list that you never expected to have? How has being in this particular studio space and neighborhood played a role in Leaf and June’s growth?

My schedule has changed quite a bit in that the business has grown a great deal and I’m able to delegate tasks more freely. When you start a business, it’s difficult to imagine a time when you’re not doing everything all on your own. That time has come and it’s both challenging and really rewarding. 

This particular studio space has given me a push to keep the momentum going. There’s a wall of windows with great light, a ton of plants, and I have an incredible studio mate that is a beautifully talented floral designer who is also navigating the challenges of growing a successful business from scratch. It’s inspiring! It’s also therapeutic to have someone to share in the triumphs and tribulations of owning your own business.

Personal style is the lens we use to tell our stories. Would you say there is a synergy between personal style and plant style? How did this same idea translate when it comes to designing Leaf and June’s site?

Absolutely! Just like personal style, plant style can vary based on your mood, the weather, and your environment. There will be times when you want things to be clean and simple while other times you’ll want to go all out to really make a statement. This idea translates to the Leaf and June site in a way that allows it to be clean, simple and wild. It’s base structure and layout make it a clean aesthetic while the imagery of the portfolio introduces a lush vibrancy. Using Squarespace made the most sense to bring Leaf and June to life in that the templates are thoughtfully designed and intuitive to maintain and update.

“Leaf and June makes you and your space come to life. Plants play a huge role in the well-being and health of everyone.”

– Lisa Muñoz

“Leaf and June gets to help guide you through the process by selecting plants that will thrive in your environment.”

– Lisa Muñoz

We love that Leaf and June is all about enhancing your everyday space. When it comes to inspiration, would you say you have any unexpected sources of creative inspiration? Why do you think having the “Inspiration” section on the site is a useful part of Leaf and June’s online experience? 

Often times going into a bare, sterile space can be the most inspiring in that it drives me to accept the challenge of transforming it into a warm, welcoming environment that you want to be in every day. The challenge of making something from nothing is not only exciting but fulfilling. Having an inspiration section on the site is important to me as it gives people a sense of what I’m drawn to as a designer. It’s always great to recognize the creativity of others and for me, this section sparks motivation and imagination.

As a small business owner, what have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned since launching Leaf and June? Did Squarespace play a role in helping answer any of those unknown questions? 

I think that one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that I have to continue to try different processes until I arrive at the one that is the most efficient and productive. There isn’t always instant gratification – especially when you have so many roles. Squarespace has guided me to have a better understanding of what draws people to Leaf and June and that helps me make adjustments to the business for more growth.

How do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s bigger conversations and how do you hope Leaf and June plays a role in this shift?

Unlocking your own creativity leads to more happiness and is empowering on many levels. If you take the effect of that individually and multiply it, that leads to more innovative thinking and solutions in the realm of sustainability as we try to navigate our way forward. In the past, I didn’t consider myself to be a creative person, but by putting myself in this position, I’ve unlocked these parts of myself that have led me to greater growth both personally and in my business.