Lauren Magenta of Spoon University on Social Media and Style

lauren magenta planoly the style line social media style

Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line – in partnership with PLANOLY



The digital age has proven to lay the groundwork for some serious innovation. Take our friend, interviewee and jewelry designer turned technology entrepreneur BRANDY PHAM OF PLANOLY for instance. BRANDY KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT EFFECTIVELY PLANNING AND THE POWER OF HONING IN ON YOUR BRAND’S CONTENT AND COMMUNITY – this ultimately led to the inception of her app PLANOLY, which is the world’s premiere visual end-to-end scheduling and visual management for Instagram content. Enter today’s story which speaks more to that idea and celebrates industry game-changers who are leading the charge in terms of how we interact INTERACT WITH BRANDS AND TELL OUR STORIES. To kick off the week, TODAY WE’RE FEATURING AN EXCLUSIVE SNIPPET FROM Spoon University’s Senior Video Content Strategist Lauren Magenta (who is PLANOLY’s latest featured PLANOLEADER). DISCOVER OUR RAPID FIRE INTERVIEW WITH HER BELOW AND VISIT the PLANOLY blog FOR THE FULL FEATURE AND FOR MORE OF Lauren’s INSIGHT.


  • lauren magenta planoly the style line social media style
  • lauren magenta planoly the style line social media style

Hi hi, I’m Lauren Magenta

a twenty-something living in Queens, NY and working full-time at Spoon University. I spend my nights and weekends busy working on freelance food projects. I do everything from video shoots, photo shoots and branding exercises for some of my favorite brands. At Spoon, I work on optimizing video content and strategy for all of the content we are producing — so much content and so much fun!

2017 is a huge year for social media especially with what’s currently happening around the world. Why do you think the (Instagram) food community is an important part of our lives and what do you hope it provides people?

Food has been a form of entertainment for years and years. Since people are using this content to get inspired and be entertained I think it is incredibly important for the food community to keep providing it.

lauren magenta planoly the style line social media style

If these videos, recipes, and photos are inspiring conversation and creativity they are doing their job, especially right now.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

“What do you like to do in your downtime?” I feel like so many people assume that “social media lives” are what someone’s real life is like. Let’s be real, no one ever posts their dirty laundry room, meetings with their accountants or trips to the doctors. In addition to food content and well-filtered photos, I enjoy binge-watching blueprint television shows as fast as I can. I also make broth from scratch, often. It is therapeutic and not photogenic. I also enjoy reading books about murders, because, why not. 

How do you celebrate personal style and how has Instagram/social media played a role in shaping it?

I have been through such a roller coaster with my personal style and social media has played a huge part in refining it through the years. I went from being a girl who wore every color under the sun to all black everything — from Barbie pink nails to classic red or nude. I was on social media at a pivotal age when I moved to New York and was truly inspired by the street style and culture. Social media inspired me as I was posting so much about my life and I think as my personal style changed so did my artwork. I can see a difference in my work through the years and I accept all changes and new inspiration that come down the pipe. I enjoying playing with new trends and trying to start my own. #tictacyum…

How would you advise the next generation of creatives, content creators, and dreamers to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love?

When I was younger I had all these dreams and ideas of what I wanted to do when I grew up. I found it very overwhelming in high school to imagine what job I would actually land. The best advice I got was from my mother, who is in real estate. She told me that I should continue to do what I love and that jobs would exist when I graduated that did not currently exist. Believe it or not, that is exactly what happened (what a forward thinker she is!). The world of media is ever changing and I have filled 2 roles that were not jobs at the company until I came along. I focused on content creation and specialized in food, developed my own recipes and columns and remained passionate about my work. I made sure to put myself and my work out there and with that comes opportunity! 

“Social media inspired me as I was posting so much about my life.”