Jennifer Kapahi trèStiQue the style line

Studio Visit: Jennifer Kapahi of trèStiQue

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Shop trèStiQue – Photos by Joanne Pio for The Style Line

When it comes to beauty,

one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our community is that it’s best to keep it simple. Streamlining the essentials is definitely on our to-do list for the warmer months ahead, and with innovators like the effervescent Jennifer Kapahi of trèStiQue, the process has become that much easier.

To put it simply, since trèStiQue’s inception the pioneering brand has positioned itself as a leader in cosmetics for modern women everywhere.

Jennifer Kapahi trèStiQue the style line

Though what is the most impressive to us, is Jenn’s unique ability to bridge the gap between beauty and technology. As she put it in our interview below, “Our ‘beauty meets simple’ tagline is created to inspire all those who are intimidated by makeup to give it a try. The beauty of our pencils are that you can color, smudge, blend to enhance the real you… not cover it up.”

With Jenn’s unwavering commitment to bringing out the best and most beautiful features in her customers, we were delighted to be the first to capture the budding entrepreneur in her element. Discover our full conversation with Jenn below featuring her thoughts on trèStiQue‘s role in the real beauty movement and how her endeavors are making a positive difference in the world.


  • the style line trèStiQue
  • the style line trèStiQue
  • Jennifer Kapahi trèStiQue the style line
  • Jennifer Kapahi trèStiQue the style line
  • the style line trèStiQue

I grew up on an organic farm

on the North Fork of Long Island (Sang Lee Farms) So I’m a big healthy nut and foodie. Before I launched trèStiQue I used to cook almost every night and now due to the craziness, I’ve been relying on Sakara which is really amazing! Besides food, I’m obsessed with fitness. I used to play soccer, I snowboard, wakeboard, paddle board, hike and recently tried wake surfing which is amazing.

My number one passion in life is probably traveling and there isn’t any place in the world that I don’t want to visit or experience. I created trèStiQue because I needed an alternative beauty routine… Something that could take me from the farm to the city and from my apartment all over the world. Even though I’m into beauty I’m also a tomboy so simple, efficient, lightweight EASY makeup was a must!

How is trèStiQue is at the intersection between technology and beauty?

We are a very high-performance line: Everything you need and nothing you don’t for where ever you go. We custom created ALL of our pencils, crayons, and sticks to include 2-in-1 functions for this specific reason. We took the same approach with our ingredients by removing all the “bad stuff” high performance and infusing it with the good (like coconut oil) and launching high-performance cream-gel textures which feel super light on the skin.
Edit, edit, edit. It is always better to have less on when it comes to makeup… you don’t really need millions of products, steps or makeup bags.

How do you celebrate personal style?

I blend beauty and functionality… I’m a ripped jeans and very high heels type of girl.

What story do you hope to tell through your personal and professional endeavors?

Beauty can be simple and easy to use even if you have never tried it before. I also hope that people find online shopping on our website to be different in a good way  (clean, calm and easy with all the right tools to pick the perfect shades and products).

What is one question you think people should be asking more often when it comes to beauty? 

“How will this product fit into my REAL daily life?” We are not all beauty bloggers and we need products that fit in our bags, luggage and daily routine from a time perspective!

What is one question you wish people asked you more often? 

“How long does it take you to get ready?”  I love to see people’s faces when I tell them it is literally 5 minutes. As long as I know what I’m wearing the “beauty” part of my routine is literally 5 minutes. Ask my husband!

As an entrepreneur in this space, what tools would you advise aspiring entrepreneurs to utilize in their creative endeavors?

Their own personal network. There are so many friends, colleagues and family members that have helped and supported me during this journey. As an entrepreneur it can be a very lonely and isolating place, so you have to break through those restraints and tap into all those talented people around you!

How do you think creativity contributes to some of the world’s bigger conversations and what role is trèStiQue playing in this shift in thinking? 

Creativity usually leads to innovation, which is key in today’s cluttered space. trèStiQue was founded with the intention of bringing a new philosophy to the market. Jack and I knew that we wanted to have a strong point of difference both in packaging, concept, brand identity as well as the connection to our customers.

What role does trèStiQue play in the conversation surrounding real beauty and what are your personal thoughts on this? 

We believe all women (and men) are beautiful even those who never wear makeup! We hope and dream that our brand can inspire those of all skin types, ages and genders to play with beauty to have fun, to try it… Our “beauty meets simple” tagline is created to inspire all those who are intimidated by makeup to give it a try. The beauty of our pencils are that you can color, smudge, blend to enhance the real you… not cover it up.