At Home with Elise Joseph

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Follow Elise on Instagram Shop Goodwin – Photos by Mikaela Hamilton for The Style Line

Elise Joseph’s creative talents have not gone

unnoticed. The Nashville-based art director, blogger, and creative jill of many trades has become a leader in the contemporary fashion and design space. More specifically, Elise has become known, and celebrated, for her truly thoughtful approach to her many creative endeavors. We were further reaffirmed of this during our recent visit with the budding entrepreneur (she recently launched her newest venture Goodwin) who kindly invited us into her world – which we’ll preface as being one that is truly inspiring.

Over the years, Elise has learned to unplug and to be intentional about the things in her life both personally and professionally – this perhaps is the driving factor behind her success (so far). As she mentioned in our interview below, “Time alone, time in nature, time cooking a meal with my husband – these are moments I really cherish.”

With this in mind, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to witness some of these little moments firsthand as Elise gave us a tour of her airy, plant-adorned home. From her blog Pennyweight to her life outside of work Elise also shared more background on her endeavors, her life in Nashville, and her thoughts on the relationship between personal style and interior design. Enjoy our full conversation with her below along with beautifully captured moments from our visit by Mikaela Hamilton for The Style Line.


Hi! I’m Elise Joseph, a creative consultant and stylist – and I recently launched Goodwin,

a women’s capsule retail concept. I partner with designers to create unique pieces exclusively for my online shop. My day-to-day often varies, with everything from shipping and packing orders to coffee meetings, producing photo shoots and conference calls with a fashion brand.

I love to travel as much as possible, and really value downtime with my husband and friends. We try to plan a getaway (even if it’s just a short road trip!) at least once a month. As much as I love Nashville, getting out of town helps stimulate my creativity and provides much-needed rest and balance for me.

How would you describe life in/relationship to Nashville and how do you think being here has inspired your approach to style?

I’ve always enjoyed Nashville, even in the seasons where I’ve lived other places. I was born and raised here, and the recent boom of the city feels exciting and challenging at the same time. I love seeing the culture grow and develop, and the creative community is really collaborative and supportive of one another. On the other end of the spectrum, many beautiful historic buildings and homes are being torn down to make way for brand new, sterile beige condos and parking garages. It’s unfortunate!

It is amazing to see so many great fashion companies popping up here. My closet has become filled with more and more local brands (Han Starnes, Elizabeth Suzann, Ona Rex, Ceri Hoover, Jamie and The Jones), which is something I’ve become really passionate about sharing with others.


As a seasoned art director and style maven, how have you learned to value the quiet moments at home?

Quiet moments away from technology are essential to me. It can sometimes be hard to disconnect and shut it off, but I know that I come back recharged and more motivated than before. Time alone, time in nature, time cooking a meal with my husband – these are moments I really cherish.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

I always enjoy questions like “where do you see yourself in five years?” It isn’t something I get to talk about a lot, but I love dreaming about the future and brainstorming about how to get there. In five years, I’d like to start a family, open a brick and mortar, and live abroad.

Talk to us about Pennyweight. How do you think your point of view has evolved since its initial inception? 

This question always makes me blush a little bit. When I started Pennyweight in 2009, I was in a very different place in my life and longed for a creative outlet to document my inspirations and aspirations. I ended up posting and documenting a lot about my personal life. Since then, Pennyweight has opened many doors and created a lot of fun opportunities for me. I have been able to connect with people around the world and collaborate with some special brands – all while sharing the things I love.


Congrats on the recent launch of Goodwin! What do you hope this platform brings to both the immediate Nashville community and the greater independent fashion design industry?

Thank you! It’s been a long journey getting here, but I’m so happy to introduce Goodwin and am looking forward to all the exciting things to come. The second collection–Holiday–launches at the end of November. My hope is for Goodwin to become a resource for independent, emerging designers – a place where you can always experience the act of discovery. I want to use the platform to promote and encourage the work of these artists I feel so fortunate to work with.

How has your work as a fashion designer re-inspired you to celebrate personal style? 

I can’t really take any credit as a fashion designer – I’d say I’m more of an avid appreciator! I love fabrics and details and lines and silhouettes. I’m trying to venture into more color this season, though I often find that I am initially drawn to shape, versatility, and texture.

What are your thoughts on the synergy between fashion and interior style and do you feel you have a similar approach to both areas of design?

I think I do approach them similarly – I consider what makes me feel good… what brings me joy… what serves some type of purpose. If my home does not feel serene and put-together, I find that my mind echoes that clutter. Having an intentional and beautiful home (and studio) is vital to my creativity and inspiration!

How do you celebrate personal style?

Personal style is all about ease and confidence for me. I dress for each day depending on my mood but am always drawn to pieces that can easily transition from day to night. Sometimes I’m running from a casual coffee meeting to a designer’s studio party to a late-night concert or art opening, and like to source pieces that work well for any occasion I may find myself in.


Support one another – there is room for all of us here. Be kind, work hard and invest in what you are passionate about. And find a mentor!

“Personal style is all about ease and confidence for me. I dress for each day depending on my mood, but am always drawn to pieces that can easily transition from day to night.”