Fashion Week Through Her Lens: Street Style Edition

Story by Rachel Schwartzmann – Photos by Kelsey Rose for The Style Line

Our past fashion week

coverage has focused on giving our growing creative contributor community a chance to interpret each season’s collections through their own unique lens. From our year-long Virtual Sketchbook partnerships with guest fashion illustrators to the recent introduction of our Fashion Week Through Her Lens series with our contributing photographers, we’ve come to appreciate sharing and more importantly learning more about fashion as an art through the eyes of our artistic collaborators. Enter this season’s edition, featuring our newest contributing photographer Kelsey Rose (who photographed street style for us last season).

This time around we asked Kelsey to discuss her honest thoughts on shooting NYFW, the role street style plays during this hectic week and how she hopes fashion week in general will help her career (and eye) evolve. Meet Kelsey and discover more street style moments captured for The Style Line below.

Hi I’m Kelsey! I’m originally

from Louisville, KY and came to New York for college at The Fashion Institute of Technology. (I think I’m going on about 7 years in the city…) I’m your standard Type A creative. If I’m not shooting, I’m painting, or writing, or collaging. The good news is I don’t see what I do as “work” but I can have trouble separating myself at times. I really enjoy fleeing the real world mid-day to watch a film alone in the theaters or staking out in a bookstore to skim all that month’s magazines. Recently I’ve been reminded how refreshing a few days outside of the city can be, even if it’s not far, so I’ve been focusing on traveling a few days here and there. Nothing resets me like a day in a new place, unplugged, reading a good book. I really value hard working, genuine people.

The people in this city can be quite cut throat and for a while I thought I’d have to be that way to succeed. In my opinion, there are enough jobs to go around and if one doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t need to put another photographer down or steal their client to become successful.

With so much content being put out during this time via Instagram and other photo-sharing apps as a photographer how does make you feel?

It’s definitely overwhelming at times, it’s very easy to feel like you should be doing more, shooting more, networking more, always. With so many young photographers out there, you start asking yourself about what makes your work so special. I always have to remind myself that I’m running my own race. With that being said, Instagram is also a beautiful thing. I can gather inspiration from photographers all over the world and reach out to others I’d like to collaborate with. I’ve had many brands contact me through my Instagram work, so a lot of great things can come from it as well.

With regard to shooting street style why do you think this is such an integral aspect of NYFW? Do you typically enjoy shooting it?

I think it really ups the ante for NYFW goers. They know if they attend and look great, they’ll be photographed. Fashion Week is all about creatives coming together and celebrating their love of fashion. I think the attendees should have as much fun expressing themselves as the designers taking part. As for shooting street style, it’s always a good challenge for me as a photographer. I’m constantly thinking of unique ways to shoot. For me, style doesn’t necessarily mean designer duds and high heels, I’m more inspired by an old bag lady walking on the street sporting plastic bags in complementary colors.

How would you like to see photographers be included in NYFW events differently? 

I’ve yet to shoot backstage at a show, which I think is a crazy and chaotic experience all fashion photographers should have the chance to take part in. Maybe next year! It could be really interesting to have a gallery show after FW where photographers could exhibit their work.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often about shooting fashion?

Hm, maybe what makes my approach different than other photographers? There’s so many people shooting out there, I think it’s really important to have a unique eye and not to second guess it!

Would you say shooting street style has inspired your own sense of personal style?

Always. It makes me want to go home and finally wear all the quirky things I’ve stashed in the back of my closet over the years. It’s just so much easier throwing on jeans in the morning!

Based on your experiences so far and goals as a photographer how would you like to participate in NYFW next season?

Like I mentioned earlier, I’d love to go through the ringer next year and shoot multiple shows backstage. I’ve been involved helping backstage in a few shows in college and the fast paced environment is always so fascinating to me.

“As for shooting street style, it’s always a good challenge for me as a photographer.”