Edoardo Monti of Stella McCartney on Creativity and Social Media

edoardo monti the style line planoly

Photos by Bridget Badore for The Style Line – in partnership with PLANOLY



Social media cultivates opportunities and fosters creativity by bridging the gap between a myriad of industries. No matter how different each of these industries may be, their common ground rests in building an authentic brand community. Here at The Style Line, we’ve been fortunate to showcase emerging entrepreneurs who are truly leading the charge in this regard – TAKE OUR FRIEND, INTERVIEWEE AND JEWELRY DESIGNER TURNED TECHNOLOGY ENTREPRENEUR BRANDY PHAM OF PLANOLY FOR INSTANCE. BRANDY KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT EFFECTIVELY PLANNING AND THE POWER OF HONING IN ON YOUR BRAND’S CONTENT AND COMMUNITY – THIS ULTIMATELY LED TO THE INCEPTION OF HER APP PLANOLY, WHICH IS THE WORLD’S PREMIERE VISUAL END-TO-END SCHEDULING AND VISUAL MANAGEMENT FOR INSTAGRAM CONTENT. Speaking more to that idea, we’ve been thrilled to play a role in PLANOLY’s exclusive PLANOLEADERS series – and today’s story features the latest interviewee, Edoardo Monti of Stella McCartney, who is truly one of the best and brightest. Without giving too much away, DISCOVER OUR RAPID FIRE INTERVIEW WITH him BELOW AND VISIT PLANOLY‘S BLOG FOR THE FULL FEATURE AND FOR MORE OF Edoardo’S AUTHENTIC INSIGHT.


edoardo monti the style line planoly

I was born and raised in Italy, moved to London when

I was 18, landed my internship at Stella shortly after my studies and I haven’t left since! I moved to NYC in the summer of 2013 and since then I have been living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

2017 is a huge year for social media, especially with current affairs. Do you ever comment on world conversations via social media/use your platform to engage in these topics? How do you plan to use Instagram as a vehicle for positivity and inclusivity?

We try not to engage too much with sensitive world conversations as it could always result in a controversy. But part of the images and videos on our accounts come directly from Stella, and she always brings a positive message with her posts about family, diversity, and inclusivity.

edoardo monti the style line planoly

What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

Simple and direct questions are key in a professional environment, but I think that too often people are afraid of being honest and just go around and around. I think that a classic “Yes or no?” question would save so much back and forth.

How do you think creativity plays a role in some of the world’s bigger conversations and how do you believe social media, in general, is playing a role in this?

I think that social media is a highly democratic platform that lets everyone express themselves with virtually no limits. There are countless examples of how social media has helped minorities have their voice heard. It also offers a constant flow of creativity, that inspires visually-hungry people like me to always create and experiment something new.

edoardo monti the style line planoly

How would you say social media has helped shape or redefine your interests outside of work?

I have definitely grown more interested in art, architecture, and photography after seeing incredible posts being shared on social media. The way that we travel has also, in my opinion, changed substantially since the introduction of digital platforms. Social media has also allowed me to meet those who are now really good friends.

How would you advise the next generation of creatives, content creators, and dreamers to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love?

Travel. Social media may be where images and videos are shared, but what’s behind each post is what really matters. Traveling allows us to get inspired and absorb new cultures and provides us with an infinite influx of creative stimuli.

edoardo monti the style line planoly

“I think that social media is a highly democratic platform that lets everyone express themselves with virtually no limits.”