Community Edit: WWAKE

We recently visited WWAKE’s airy studio,

where we met with the inimitable team at the helm of one of the industry’s most promising jewelry brands. There, we became immersed within the team’s day-to-day – more specifically, we got to better understand their incredibly thoughtful approach to design. For the brand’s founder and designer Wing Yau, quality, connection and sustainability are at the forefront of her process. As she mentioned in our initial conversation, “The idea is that our designs fit within traditional jewelry norms or expectations – and at the same time they quietly subvert them too. We use elements of surprise to break up traditional designs, but retain jewelry’s role as a “beautiful” piece of adornment. Sometimes, these subtle details are the first steps to shifting one’s perspective, and allowing him or her to see the world anew.”

So as a follow up to our chat with Wing and her team we’ve curated an edit featuring a few of our favorite pieces from WWAKE that truly embody these values. Revisit our initial team story here and shop the full edit below.