Community Edit: Tosia

To put it simply, Tosia is the

modern apparel brand of our dreams. Helmed by Sara Hankin, a New York native and seasoned creative, the designer lends a unique approach to her process that really captures the essence of her city origins and refined approach to personal style. As we learned in our initial interview with Sara, “New York is deeply ingrained in me. I grew up here and never fail to be inspired by the freedom of spirit of the city… Being around that energy has certainly influenced my perspective, and continues to motivate me to strive to create the best work possible…” With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that this budding contemporary label has made an appearance here on The Style Line on more than one occasion. Today we’re thrilled to add even more to the mix by sharing a dedicated Community Edit featuring our favorite pieces from Sara’s latest offering. Shop the edit below and rediscover our story with Sara (and experience her New York minute!) here.


Shop The Edit

TOSIA Jumex Knit $285

TOSIA Sarita Top Stripe $295

TOSIA Steinem Skirt $345

TOSIA Sombra Off Shoulder Top $365

TOSIA Playa Skirt $212.99

TOSIA Reveur Top $232.99

“Fashion is probably the most overt and immediate way we communicate who we are to the outside world. Whether you’re ‘into fashion’ or not, you participate by choosing the way you dress and present yourself every day.”

– Sara Hankin, Founder and Designer of Tosia