Community Edit: Petite Studio

When it comes to sartorial

matters, ask our friends at Petite Studio, and they’ll tell you that less is truly more. As we learned in our recent Studio Visit with the team, the tiny but mighty fashion brand is filling an important niche in the market and catering to petite women from all walks of life. Even with this distinct focus, the brand’s inclusive mission and chic design sensibility has women of all shapes and sizes eagerly adding Petite Studio pieces to their wardrobe. You may even recall this empowering quote from our initial chat with the brand’s founder Jenny Wang, “One of the things we wanted to embrace with Petite Studio is the idea that if you are petite, you don’t have to pretend to be something else.” Today, we’re paying homage to this idea and curating a few of our current favorite pieces from the brand’s growing collection. Shop the items below and rediscover our story with Jenny and her team here. 


Shop The Edit

Petite Studio Juniper Knit $139

Petite Studio Jane Blazer $229

Petite Studio Violeta Top $119

Petite Studio Verbena Coat $239

“We are perfectly fine being an indie brand that is really great at doing what we set out to do, which is catering to the petite community.”

– JENNY WANG, Founder of Petite Studio