Community Edit: Finn Jewelry

Our interviewees continue to

reinforce the important role jewelry plays in our personal style. From the design process to a piece’s sentimental value, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing jewelry elevate the wearer in both their life and style. Enter today’s Community Edit which champions the work of Candice Neistat, the founder of both Billy! and Finn Jewelry. In our recent Studio Visit with the self-made talent, we quickly came to admire Candice’s distinct and raw approach to both brands, and when we asked what the constant is in her design process, she aptly responded, “It’s always been people, old jewelry, their family jewelry that inspires me. I am really drawn to antique jewels, the question of why it’s still attractive after all these years?” With that in mind, there’s no questioning our enduring admiration for Candice and her thoughtful approach to design. Today, we are thrilled to share a follow-up to our recent story – Shop our edit below (featuring a few of our favorite pieces from Finn) and catch up on our interview with Candice here.


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Finn Jewelry Baby Bracelet $500

Finn Jewelry Gypsy Thread Earrings $300

Finn Jewelry Leaf Stud Earrings $550

Finn Jewelry Arrow Ring $650

“Let’s be honest, I’m not exactly changing the world with gold and diamonds. I make things that people desire, not need. But I contribute to bigger conversations in other ways. ”

 Candice Neistat, Founder of Billy! and Finn Jewelry