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Community Edit: Cold Picnic

At times, Fall causes a

shift in focus from personal style to interior style, by placing emphasis on adorning one’s home to be equipped for the cooler temperatures. Luckily, we’ve been able to meet (and showcase!) the work of makers who provide the tools to make our spaces just as stylish as our wardrobes. Enter Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, the adorable co-founders of beloved lifestyle brand Cold Picnic. While our initial visit with the talented duo may have been in the heat of summer, we found ourselves swooning over their textured, quirky, and all at once, beautiful rugs and interior pieces that we believe are able to transcend any season. As they mentioned in our interview, “We like to think of our designs as minimalist statements pieces. They should be striking but also fit seamlessly in with the home or the wardrobe of the new owner.” Speaking more to that idea, we’re thrilled to pay homage to Phoebe and Peter’s design efforts by sharing our dedicated Community Edit featuring a few items from Cold Picnic that we currently love. Shop the edit below and rediscover our Studio Visit with them here.


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Cold Picnic The Picnic rug $135

Cold Picnic Boobs Bathmat $60

Cold Picnic Tonal Boobs Blanket $200

Cold Picnic David In The Desert Part II rug $135

“In many ways the two of us design to create an imaginary place, rather than to improve our existing world.”

– Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, co-founders of COLD PICNIC