The Style Line x Brand Assembly: Assembling Style with Alyssa Coscarelli


Photos by Joanne Pio for The Style Line and for The Assemblist


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As a part of our ongoing story series with Brand Assembly we’re making it our mission to discover all things contemporary fashion. Today’s story speaks more to that and features insight from Refinery29’s Fashion Market Writer (and a TSL favorite!) Alyssa Coscarelli. Thanks to our friends at The Sill we were able to surprise Brand Assembly with a few fun office-warming gifts and little did we know just how sartorially inspiring our visit would end up being for Alyssa! Relive the fun of our plant-shopping excursion and have a sneak peek of one of the four plant-inspired looks Alyssa styled featuring Brand Assembly designer Maria Stanley. 

Head over to The Assemblist to see the full interview and all of the featured designers.


Hi! I’m Alyssa Coscarelli

and I’m a fashion market writer at Refinery29, obsessive Instagrammer, and brunch devotee.

What excites you most about transition seasons like Fall and Spring and how would you advise carrying over a whimsical approach to style for colder seasons like Fall and winter?

The in-between seasons are my absolute favorite because the weather is just right and there’s a certain enjoyable feeling in the air. The best way to carry over a whimsical approach into the colder seasons is to play with your styling and wear things that maybe you’re not “supposed” to wear, like layering a slip dress over a turtleneck, or a dress over flared jeans. Don’t be afraid to layer up your warmer-weather pieces in fun and creative ways, and definitely keep prints in the picture, too. It’s so easy to resort to grays and blacks in colder months (I’m guilty of it myself) but prints and patterns are a perfect way to keep things interesting — plus all the ’70s-like colors that are around this season like burnt orange and mustard yellow.

How much would you say your environment inspires your personal style?

Interiors and fashion/personal style definitely go hand in hand, and I always say that if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d take up interior design. Your personal aesthetic extends so much further than just what you choose to wear every day, so I can definitely say that I curate my own personal interiors and environment in a similar way that I do my wardrobe — it’s something I enjoy doing and just another way to express my creative eye and personal style. And therefore, it goes both ways — my environment at home and elsewhere impact and inspire the way I dress.

What is one idea you think people should be considering for fall fashion?

Denim! Everything denim. There are tons of adorable denim dresses, jackets, new jeans silhouettes, and skirts in stores that are so cute for fall. I have a denim jumper that I love to wear over a long-sleeve blouse with some suede booties. My friend Lauren kind of gets mad at me whenever I consider buying another denim item because she’s like, “Don’t you own that already?” Oops… I think people should also consider stepping out of the box with their outerwear for fall, because it’s really the only time you can actually wear cute jackets that aren’t actually quite warm enough for winter — I’m talking cropped metallic denim jackets, sleeveless coats, trench coats… now’s the time to wear these things.

The Style Line was built on the premise of discovery, exploration and transit. With this in mind, if what is your “the style line” in your wardrobe?

I always say this, but it’s the people of New York City that most inspire my style — whether it’s on the train or in SoHo or the West Village or near NYU, there are so many effortlessly stylish people left and right.

I’m constantly seeing new ways to style something or discovering new brands just from what I’m seeing out and about, and I’ve even gotten pretty used to just going up to people and asking who makes a certain piece or where they found what they’re wearing. Just today I asked a girl at a coffee shop where her dress was from and discovered a really cool Australian brand through it. It’s almost surprising how willing strangers old and young are to chat about their outfit or the story behind a certain piece they’re wearing.

What is one question you wish people asked you more often about personal style?

People are always asking me where I buy things, but one time, my friend Maryam changed it up and asked me where I pull my inspiration when I get dressed in the morning, and that got me thinking. Since she’s not so immersed in the fashion world as I am, she was curious as to why I style my outfits the way I do each day. That’s such a fun conversation to have with people who work in fashion and people who don’t. People get dressed the way they do for different reasons, and I think we should talk about them, because clothes mean and do so much more than just covering your body.


Reasons plants make great office-warming gifts

– Plants boost employee morale, productivity, concentration, and creativity

– Plants reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds (decrease symptoms of ‘sick building syndrome’)

– Plants improve indoor air quality, absorb toxins (such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene), increase humidity, and produce oxygen

– Plants soft sterile office interiors, reduce noise levels, and are aesthetically pleasing and unlike cut flowers, plants don’t have an expiration date!