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The Style Line is a modern media and marketing company that shows the impact personal style has in our lives. Through telling stories we have built a diverse community who value creativity and style as important aspects in all that we do.

Since its inception, the concept and even the name itself are rooted in the idea of exploration–similar to the movement of a train–the idea has been to travel through communities on a global scale “stopping” in each place to share the stories and showcase the style of that respective neighborhood.

Founded originally via Tumblr (The Style Line Tumblr currently has 495k followers) by Rachel Schwartzmann in 2011, she relaunched and formed The Style Line LLC in August 2013.

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Our mission is simple. We pride ourselves on being a go-to resource filled with inspirational stories and tools for young creative people, that prove they can leave an imprint in the world’s bigger conversations, simply by doing what they love.

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Rachel Schwartzmann is the Founder and CEO of The Style Line LLC.

She created The Style Line in late January 2011 via Tumblr and has fostered The Style Line’s brand in its growth since then. In August 2013, she relaunched The Style Line and brought on a small team of contributors. Rachel has been featured in esteemed sources including Forbes, Refinery29, and MyDomaine. She has also partnered with WWDMAGIC in conjunction with Teen Vogue as a digital media influencer speaking to brands about the importance of online presence and new media marketing. In both September 2012 and 2013 she was chosen as one of Tumblr’s participating influencers in their seasonal fashion week program, partnering with companies including SONY, MILK Studios, and the CFDA. Rachel has also spoken at Create & Cultivate and Columbia University on establishing a unique brand point of view and entrepreneurship. On October 1, 2015, Rachel launched The Style Line’s subsidiary brand/editorial content consultancy, CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL™, where our efforts focus heavily on helping brands build and maintain a strong brand blog/editorial arm.

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Community Testimonials

“Over the last few years, The Style Line has really blossomed from an outstanding Tumblr blog to a beautiful and growing editorial hub. Rachel Schwartzmann has really envisioned the site where she not only features great creators but also nurtures them. Through incredible photography, illustration, interviews, The Style Line has covered designers, destinations, and young talent in a very beautiful and unqiue manner. The brand has grown creatively and geographically, and I can’t wait to see more from Rachel and the team.”

– Valentine Uhovski, Fashion Evangelist at Tumblr

“The Style Line has been such a serendipitous and essential element of my New York experience. Not only has it been a guiding inspiration for positive change in my life, but it has also provided me with a network of talented, passionate and truly thoughtful people to meet and exchange ideas with. It has proven to me that it’s the quality, not the quantity of the people you surround yourself with that really matters.”

– Jessica Kane, Director of Millennial Outreach at The Huffington Post

“After meeting The Style Line’s founder Rachel Schwartzmann at this year’s Shorty Awards (for which we were both finalists in our respective categories- fashion for The Style Line, news for WITNESS), we were drawn to her passion for featuring people in the fashion and creative industries who are also fundamentally concerned with creating a more just society. The Style Line is helping to contribute to WITNESS’ mission by sharing our story with a new audience.”

– Matisse Bustos-Hawkes, Associate Director of Communications at WITNESS

“Although The Style Line is still a ‘one-woman show,’ Schwartzmann has developed and inspired a team of global contributors who work to share stories of people, places and products that make an impact. In Schwartzmann’s words, The Style Line, ‘provides a neutral ground for young people to engage with big picture conversations such as sustainability, small-business ownership and ethics by way of immersive features, storytelling and dynamic content.'”

– Forbes

“The Style Line, helmed by founder Rachel Schwartzmann, a New Yorker with an eye for style and an ear for storytelling, is all about bringing authenticity back to the web. Think of the site as the perfectly tailored dress every woman should have in her closet. There is an elegance to the content, curating a gallery of the most ‘passionate and creative people in the world.'”

– Create and Cultivate

“Rachel Schwartzmann, founder of The Style Line, knows a thing or two about finding that sweet spot. After dropping out of college, Schwartzmann decided to focus all her energy on her Tumblr; today, The Style Line has relaunched off the platform, and is a thriving business with elevated storytelling at its core. The online community is all about interviewing interesting, creative people and bringing storytelling back to the web in an elevated way.”

– MyDomaine

“The Style Line is a site that offers heartfelt, hit-home articles and entrepreneur interviews with real candid insights into the woman’s business world. Reading these articles you start to really understand your worth and value you have to offer the world. This reader-friendly site also provides great new resources for style.”

– Darling Magazine 

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