A Question of Style

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(via The Style Line) Photo by Joanne Pio for The Style Line

Our priority is to make personal style the primary

conversation starter in our stories. Everyone has to get dressed, right? Yet as the world turns, and we’re faced with more challenges, it’s easy to assume that fashion can be written off as frivolity – something that simply doesn’t measure up in the grand scheme of things. So for those who pour their heart and soul into an industry built on innovation, style, and self-expression, it’s now clear that it’s up to us to challenge the stigma surrounding this dynamic aspect of life. Here at The Style Line, we look at style as playing an all-encompassing role in our lives. While “celebrating style” may not always elicit the response we were looking for, we hope our community proves that these elements can, in fact, pave way for something much deeper.

We’ve learned so many small truths that can be applied to many of our endeavors. From the fashion designers who have ingrained a sense of discipline and precision in our own work (we got to experience this from a design perspective firsthand in our Echo Collection with Melissa Joy Manning); along with the small business owners who inspire courage as they remind us to see our dreams through their successful end, there is proof that people around the globe are utilizing style and fashion as a means to do what they want in life and still feel good about it.

In an effort to continue supporting these ideas, below are a few observations that remind us to look beyond the superficiality of style and dig deeper… Because let’s face it, personal style is powerful and it’s here to stay. There’s no question about it.

Style is…


While we may condone discussion over someone else’s appearance to be shallow, we can also spin the positive side. Addressing someone’s style is a powerful icebreaker and a simple way to make someone’s day.


Speaking more to the above, we never know about a person’s story until we ask – this applies to the external qualities too. We often forget that clothing is a way to adorn ourselves in wearable history and pay homage to a person’s memory. In our stories we have uncovered fascinating insight into certain pieces our interviewees have shared with us and have worn in their shoots. You never know what a person is truly carrying on their back.

A Contribution to the Economy:

In relation to the rest of the world fashion as an industry provides a significant boost in both the local and global economy. Everything is good in moderation and by shopping, you’re fueling businesses and from design to production to sale – you’re empowering individuals in all aspects of the process.


Simply acknowledging that someone is wearing a piece that you like advocates for something much more. Clothing is not only serving a basic need but providing a vehicle for self-expression. As the world faces more societal challenges it’s up to industries like fashion to encourage collective acceptance of people just as they are. For now and in this day and age, it is a rarity — but more importantly a gift.

*This story was originally published in July 2015