7 Takeaways from Our Ethical Stories


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Our commitment to establishing a thoughtful community has helped –

shape our perspective on what we talk about with our interviewees. Many of our features truly embody our mission, which is to show the impact personal style has in our lives and that creativity can contribute to some of the world’s bigger conversations. Below you’ll find a look back at a few of our recent stories that delve deeper into these themes. In discovering the insights from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers we hope this  shortlist of key takeaways and important lessons inspire a new perspective and the importance of maintaining a conscious outlook in both personal and professional endeavors.

7 Takeaways From Our Ethical Stories

This is what we’ve learned

Challenge the Status Quo

We pride ourselves on publishing stories that truly show the impact one can have with their personal style – Our afternoon with ZADY earlier this year proved this notion to be true. The introduction of “The New Standard” movement demonstrates the possibilities that can come come from changing mentality and changing habits. They prove that you can challenge and even change the status quo by starting how you approach an everyday task of getting dressed.


Community Counts

If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that Conscious Magazine is a favorite here at The Style Line. Their passion for cultivating an authentic sense of community has not gone unnoticed. As a media company with a committed, diverse and creative team of people they prove that community is a vital part of life, work and everything in between.


There is Beauty in our Own backyard

The newly-launched brand CIENNE caters to the downtown New York customer, is inspired by global artistry and yet, has managed to keep production at home. This growing return to local production and manufacturing proves to play a big role in fueling and maintaining local economies. This is a growing topic of interest in speaking to to makers in a variety of industries and one we’ll continue to monitor.

Katie Hunt-Morr, Senior Manager Values and Impact

There Is Value in Longevity

One idea we like to emphasize in our stories relates to our interviewee’s incredible ability to consider the “bigger picture” in all that they do. Our conversation with Etsy’s Senior Values + Impact Manager Katie Hunt-Moore, is a prime example of this. Her day-to-day focuses primarily on boosting Etsy’s internal sustainability and communal initiatives that extend to environmental, social and the like. In this day and age this line of thinking is a crucial element in how we’ll progress in our personal and professional lives.


You can be creative and cultivate opportunity 

We’ve unearthed a lot about the contemporary movement and mentality from our ongoing story series with Brand Assembly. Designer Caroline Fuss of HARARE is among the group of emerging designer’s we’ve featured and we quickly fell in love wit her mission to redefine sustainable luxury. By empowering artisans worldwide, reducing her ecological footprint and remaining true to her values as a fashion designer, Caroline’s work proves you can be a creative professional and still create opportunity for your team… and beyond.


Engage The Senses

Our recent dual city feature with WITNESS and Flynn Coleman proved that our everyday devices can yield powerful result if we know how to effectively implement them. As an organization, WITNESS takes pride in training activists to use video safely and effectively to capture injustice. Building on this approach, their story proves that ethics and action begin when we open our eyes and ears to what’s all around us.


Remain Active in the World

Building on more from the above, Flynn Coleman’s involvement in our WITNESS feature proves she is a true testament to the importance of community and innovative thinking. Flynn’s shining light and enthusiasm for the world around her is evidenced in her profession – which is split between practicing international human rights law and working on her ethical fashion start-up Malena. Engaged, active and passionate people like Flynn prove the vital importance of remaining an active participant in the world’s conversations. After-all, big changes always start with small steps.